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How to Work ANPR? | Vehant Technologies

ANPR is a technology that allows to tracks the location of a vehicle using a vehicle number plate. It is an automated system that works effectively. Let’s know the necessity, benefits and much more of the ANPR system. 

What Do You Mean By ANPR?

ANPR refers to “Automatic Number Plate Recognition” that identifies the vehicle registration plates to determine the location of the vehicle. It is an important part of the ITS system and this technology used by police to track the location of the vehicle.

When someone breaks the traffic rules then this technology has been used by police. This information has been collected through cameras or CCTV. However, APNR also known as:

  • CPR (Car Plate Recognition)
  • AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification)
  • ALPR (Automatic Licence Plate Recognition)
  • LPR (Licence Plate Recognition)

Why It Is Essential To Use ANPR?

ANPR is an essential part of any ITS system. Each police force uses this technology because:

  • This technology helps to identify those who break the traffic rules i.e., jumping red lights etc.
  • It also helps to track the location of the thief or vehicle.
  • This technology is better to secure vehicles from the thief.
  • It can access the control system automatically.
  • Traffic management can be improved with the help of this technology.
  • It can be used on highways, tunnels, streets, and bridges.
  • This technology has been used by LEA (Law Enforcement Agencies).

Working Procedure of ANPR?

ANPR is the best and effective technique to manage the traffic rules. It works as:

1) Capture Images: - Firstly, information captured by cameras or road line CCTV. This help to identify the number plate, model and colour of the vehicle. A hardware trigger used in many cases to take pictures day and night.

2) Monitor the Location of Vehicle: - After capturing an image, ANPR start to monitor the location of the vehicle. With the help of this technology, police can follow the vehicle through GPS on a phone or laptop.

3) Identification of Licence Plate: - With the help of a camera, ANPR helps to identify the licence plate of the vehicle. This software reads the number through ASCII or Unicode text.

4) Additional filtering: - Further processing can be done with a computer through ANPR technology. This technology helps police to identify the specific location of a stolen car or vehicle. 

Benefits of ANPR

ANPR is beneficial from every aspect because it is designed to save vehicles from stolen or other works for the police. Here are some advantages of ANPR:

  • Helps to Stop Crime: - ANPR is beneficial to stop crime in the entire city. Its technology easily finds out the location of the vehicle by recognizing the vehicle number plate. ANPR is useful because it provides security at the workplace, open place and other parking places. It offers additional security for the public place as well as a private place.
  • Services are automated: - ANPR works automatically and monitors the location of the vehicle every time. Once ANPR enables then it works automatically without any extra efforts. One should not need to sit in front of the screen. Even, this technology includes an alarm facility that notifies you after getting the location of a particular vehicle.
  • Further Benefits: - This technology is beneficial for many industries. If anyone is jumping red lights or violating traffic laws then ANPR sends a penalty by capturing the number plate of the vehicle. It takes only 48 hours to complete the process of the penalty notice.

In Conclusion

Today, many people are violating traffic rules which are not safe for a human being. Thus, ANPR is the best solution for these people! It is also known as the Automatic Licence Plate Recognition System which can determine the number plate of a vehicle easily.

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