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Trump's leak about Aliens existence by, a former Israeli professor

Former Israeli space security agents have sent their eyebrows shooting upwards by saying that Earth has been in touch with extraterrestrials from a galactic organization. Haim Eshed, one of Israel's Defense Ministry's space directorate's top officials. In an interview to Israel's Yediot Aharonot paper, he reveals that many unidentified flying objects have been found and can't be distributed as humankind still has no preparation at this point.

Haim Eshed

Haim Eshed(Source: Wikipedia)

The Hebrew meeting ran on Friday and picked up footings after publishings were broadcasted in English by the Jerusalem Post on Tuesday. A former educator and resigned general, Eshed added to it by saying that the aliens were similarly inquisitive about knowing about humankind and were trying to get more knowledge about the universe's texture.

Eshed said participation arrangements had endorsed between species, in an underground base in Mars' profundities, where American space explorers and alien's agents stay together. He further added by saying it's based on an arrangement between the U.S. government and the aliens. Even they signed up a contract with us to do the tests, he added.

The former Israeli scientist added that former U.S President Donald Trump knew about the extraterrestrial's presence and was nearly on the verge of uncovering those data but was asked not to do so by the NASA officials. 

Everybody has been trusting that these scientists will create and arrive at a phase where we will comprehend what space and spaceships are, Eshed stated, talking about the galactic league. The White House and Israeli authorities didn't promptly react to the reporters' questions regarding this report. Even Sue Gough, a Pentagon representative, declined to add his remarks on the galactic propaganda. A representative for NASA said one of the organization's key objectives was the quest for life on Mars. However, presently there is a minimal scope of life on the planet besides Earth. Even though we nowadays can't discover extraterrestrial life indications, NASA is investigating the nearby planetary group and beyond that to help us answer critical questions, including whether we're separated from everyone else known in the solar system, said the representatives. Eshed's thoughts about this are explained more in the book, The Universe Beyond the Horizon — discussions with Professor Haim Eshed by Hagar Yanai distributed in November this year.

Eshed, who saw the dispatch of various Israeli satellites into space, said he just stood up now since perspectives were changing and individuals appeared to be more open. He further said that the ideas he was thinking of now would get hospitalized five years back if he would have implemented them five years ago. He told this in an interview with Yediot. The Israeli scientist further says," they're now talking unexpectedly, but I don't have anything to lose. I've got all my degrees and grants, and I am well-known in colleges abroad." In May, Trump stated, "Space will be the future, both as far as safeguard and offense. We're currently the pioneer on space," as he was given the official banner of a recently made military branch, Space Force. Its main objective, alongside a Space Command, is on space as a military area for the U.S., safeguarding satellites, correspondences, and emphasizing international relations in the new landscape.

Eshed's remarks quickly produced jokes and went viral on the internet. At least twenty accounts have been made on Twitter naming themselves to be the delegates to Earth from the "Galactic Federation." Other users have requested special treatment and gatherings with the other-common crowd. Whereas Scratch Pope, who used to examine UFOs for the British Ministry of Defense, portrayed Eshed's comments as "phenomenal."





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