Airlines Group travel

American Airlines Group Travel

When thinking about booking for group travel, you can always trust American Airlines (AA). With a wide range of benefits like cost-savings, safety for passengers, and much more, booking American Airlines Group Travel is ideal. 

Below in this article, you will learn about the benefits of AA Group Travel, eligibility criteria, booking procedure, & other important information. 

Eligibility Criteria for Booking American Airlines Group Flights

  • For economy/mixed cabins, the number of passengers must be at least 10; for premium cabins, it must be 7 passengers. 
  • All passengers must travel on at least one common flight segment. 
  • For the international segment, the entire group must be traveling together. 
  • You get one free name change per ticket. 
  • Groups are allowed to board the plane comfortably before other passengers.
  • Group travelers may be eligible for a discount on the applicable checked baggage fees. 

American Airlines Group Travel Discounts

The airlines bring you different American Airlines Group Rates in 2 categories as follows: 

  • Zone Fares: Available for groups of 10 or more passengers traveling from multiple origins to a common destination. Thus, it depends upon the geographical zone of departure, and you receive discounts on the standard fare. 
  • Guaranteed Fares: This applies to a group of 10 or more traveling from the exact or multiple origins where the arrival is to the same regions within a 2-day window. Here, you get a fixed price for the group, regardless of when the tickets are bought. 

Airlines Group Booking Procedure 

  1. Contact an American Airlines customer helpline number (or make a group booking request on American Airlines official website)
  2. State group travel requirements, arrival, departure, & dates. 
  3. Receive the best quotation, as per applicable discounts. 
  4. If you are okay with that, go ahead with the payment. 
  5. Add passenger details (you can do this later). 
  6. Add any other special requests (you can do this later too). 
  7. After payment, get tickets using the registered email. 


American Airlines offers a seamless and cost-effective solution for group travel needs, ensuring both convenience and savings. With eligibility criteria tailored to accommodate various group sizes and destinations, along with flexible booking procedures, travelers can quickly secure advantageous discounts and benefits. Whether opting for Zone Fares or Guaranteed Fares, the process is straightforward, and passengers enjoy perks such as early boarding and potential baggage fee discounts. Trust American Airlines group travel arrangements for your trip and embark on a journey that combines efficiency, safety, and affordability.

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