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How to Book American Airlines Multi City Flight?

An easy option to visit several locations in one trip is to book a multi-city flight. Prior to making your purchase, please sure you review all the information, including layover times and airport locations. Travel safely!

A traveler's fantasy is to visit numerous cities on one ticket.Explore our detailed guide to learn how to book your multi-destination trip in detail.

Book American Airlines multi-city flights quickly. Travel to several places in one trip. Let's make your multi-city exploration with American Airlines smooth and unforgettable!This guide is your key to unlocking a seamless multi-city adventure.For personalised assistance,Dial us at +1-860-294-8469 or +1-800-433-7300.

How to Check and Book Flights of Multiple Cities on American Airlines?

For those looking to get a glimpse of available flights across multiple destinations, here’s a step-by-step guide:


Visit the official American Airlines website aa.com.

On the homepage, select the "American Airlines Multi City" option.

2.Choose 'Multi-City' Option:

On the homepage, you'll see the flight booking section. Instead of selecting a "round trip" or "one way" flight, choose the "multi-city" option.

3.Enter Your Destinations:

You can now input the various cities you want to fly to and from. Ensure you select the correct departure and arrival cities for each segment of your trip.

4.Select Dates:

Choose the dates you wish to travel on for each segment.

5.Additional Options:

As with normal flight bookings, you can specify other preferences such as cabin class, number of passengers, etc.

6.Search for Flights:

Once all your details are filled out, click the "search" or "find flights" button. The website will then display various flight options for your selected route.

7.Choose Your Flights:

From the results, select the flights that suit your schedule and budget. Keep in mind that the total price shown will be the sum of all the individual segments of your multi-city itinerary.

8.Proceed to Payment:

After selecting your flights, proceed to the payment page, fill out the necessary information, and confirm your booking.


Once your booking is complete, you'll receive a confirmation email detailing your itinerary.

What are Multi-City Flights?

It's critical to comprehend what multi-city flights entail before beginning the booking process. Airline tickets that allow passengers to fly into one city and out of another, frequently with layovers in between, are referred to as multi-city flights. 

This option allows you to combine many locations into a single reservation rather than purchasing multiple one-way tickets, frequently at a lower overall cost.

How to Make Multi-City Reservations on American Airlines?

  • Select the 'Multi-City' option: As mentioned above, start at the American Airlines homepage.
  • Input your destinations: Add all the cities you wish to visit.
  • Choose flight times: Once you’ve seen available options, select the flights that best fit your schedule.
  • Review and book: After selecting all the flights for your destinations, proceed to payment and complete your reservation.


  • Can I modify one segment of my multi-city trip? 

Yes, however, modification fees may apply depending on the fare rules of your ticket.

  • Do I earn miles for each segment of my multi-city flight?

Yes, frequent flyers with American Airlines earn miles for each leg of their multi-city itinerary.

  • Is it cheaper to book multi-city flights than individual flights? 

Often, yes. Multi-city flights can provide a cost-effective solution compared to multiple single tickets.


In summary, booking an American Airlines Multi City flight option Dial American airlines español telefono simplifies multi-destination travel. With the right steps and resources, travellers can embark on a seamless journey across diverse locations effortlessly.

Contact American Airlines at +1-860-294-8469 or +1-800-433-7300 for further details or assistance, or go to their official website.

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