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Best Bookshelf speakers that stand in competition Under $500

This list will help you make the best selection of the top bookshelf speakers under your budget of $500. In our efforts to help you choose or buy the best bookshelf speaker under $500, we have prepared this list to help you do just that.

As the electronic audio market is at a fast pace, disappearing into competitive products, it would be idea for the moderately flexible budget if you know what to look for in a bookshelf speaker. In a bit to help you scare through all these hurdles, we’ve compiled this list for you to choose from the best bookshelf speakers which you can get under a friendly budget of $500, or lower; and here are our top picks:

1.     Elac B6.2

Although these set of bookshelf speakers are small, yet they have a wave guide that allows for greater distribution - the end result is a greater sound boost and better imaging. However, If you are willing to spend more money but still stay within budget, consider getting a sub woofer from the same range to get a full range of speaker system. They come in black colors most times.. The components included with the B6.2 represent an upgrade from the previous series.

Price: $224.98.


2.     500W amplifier and 12" woofer.

The VX-12 is a two-way, four-wheel-drive speaker. An excellent addition to any KJ or DJ setup. It produces a clean, clear sound every time and is specifically designed to deliver optimal, professional quality sound throughout the club and party. It is easy to carry with a built-in handle and can stand dynamically to better accommodate the room. Built-in amplifier provides 500W peak output. Its sensitivity is 100 db, and has a frequency of 55Hz – 20kHz. And its power Watts is 500W peak.

Price: $269.

3.     KEF Q100

These set of bookshelf speakers are compact. They are large enough to fit in theaters and various media outlets, yet small enough to accommodate small areas. The Q100s feature KEF's famous Uni-Q driver - the tweeter mounted in the center of the woofer ensures sonic coherence and the best integration of high and low frequencies.

The Uni-Q steering cone is made of a magnesium / aluminum alloy. These drivers are based on KEF's higher-end speakers, so you can expect a low distortion and wide-open sound from the KEF Q100.

Price: $320.


4.    Kustom PA KPX112M 12" Passive Monitor Pair

The Kustom KPX 112M Passive Monitor Wardrobe is very valuable on an affordable package. This full-size cabinet offers fantastic sound quality. A special crossover, which provides a clear separation of frequencies for accurate and reproducible sounds. The cabin's 12 "woofer stroke gives you a lower speed, while the horn adds all the clear high tones. Its input/output is ¼, while its power handling is 150 Watts. Crossover frequency is 5kHz, and its weight is 14kg.

Price: $360.


5.    Micca MB42

This compact stylish pair is a comparatively priced model from Micca to match the high-quality design of high-end electronic kits. They have a relatively small footprint (5.8 "X 6.5") and they are only 9.5 "tall considering their loudness. Their maximum power is 75 watts for a speaker. The attachment is delivered for optimal sound quality and is made with a high-end MDF with wooden vinyl coating.

Price: $495.


This carefully selected list of the best bookshelf speakers to look at under the $500 price tag, should help you make the best selection and fittings for your personal need without getting burn out. Remember a better speaker always works great with a great pc with a good sound card. In order to enjoy your soulful music your pc should be in mint condition.(Best Computer Repairs Brisbane).They should be better upgrade to your needs as well as you try to work on a budget. Best regard.

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