Picking the Right Wood Flowers for Wedding

It doesn’t strike as a novelty that more and more brides have turned to wood flowers for wedding decorations instead of real flowers. The vast offer is appealing, especially for brides looking for unique statement pieces to make their wedding day more spectacular. Aside from the wedding gown that will capture all the attention, flowers come second on the list of essential things for a wedding. Florists and wedding decorators have started to suggest brides replace real flowers with wood or sola flowers and artificial plant fillers due to their higher resilience and ease of use. Based on a few key aspects, organizing and decorating a wedding venue with fake flowers can be a real success that will impress every guest present.

Which Are the Most Common Flowers Used at Weddings?

While all flowers are beautiful, some stand out and become brides’ favorites regarding floral decorations. Whether we are talking about the bouquet, the table centerpieces, the arches at the entrances, or the floral poles that adorn the aisle to the altar, brides tend to prefer some flowers, in particular.

Roses are, by far, the number one choice for brides, and they can be easily replicated using wood-like sheets of sola flowers. The petals can be easily arranged into the shape of a rose, and the color choices are endless. Peonies are the second favorite due to their delicacy and large size, which makes them ideal for large decorations. Anemones and ranunculus come next and can be easily obtained from sola flowers. Lilies and callas also appear among the favorites because of their unique aspect and the various colors available. Last but not least, brides adore orchids due to the exotic touch they bring to any wedding bouquet.

Don’t Hesitate to Use Artificial Plant Fillers

A trick that most florists working with wood flowers use is to place artificial plant fillers in crucial points of the floral pieces. This way, all the gaps are filled so the base is not visible, making it easier to attach the ornaments of arches or poles. The most popular fillers are leaves and stems replicating many plants: eucalyptus, fern, grass, larkspur, sage, willow, reed, and many more.

Aside from highly recommended greenery, as it can quickly fill empty spots and be squeezed into tiny spaces, nowadays, you can find poppies, anemones, lavender, or daisies to help you complete a wood flower arrangement most authentically. Remember that fillers must complete but not overwhelm a bouquet, so go easy on them. Let your imagination run wild, and you will obtain the most outstanding, unique, and qualitative faux flower decorations.

Reasons to Use Wood Flowers for Wedding Decor

Growing so many flowers to cover the demand for wedding decorations significantly impacts the environment. The carbon footprint of flowers is significant, and replacing them with artificial flowers is even worse, as these are the most damaging to nature. Plastic is not an option, considering how hard it degrades and how harmful its manufacturing is. Luckily, wood flowers for wedding décor have become brides’ favorites once they discover how practical and beautiful these flowers are.

They Are Available Regardless Of the Season

Many brides decide their wedding day based on the season they like the most. Some are fond of summer, while others prefer the romance of a fall wedding. In that case, looking for a flower only to discover it’s unavailable that season is very annoying. Thankfully, sola flowers can be obtained in any season and are not influenced by weather conditions. Don’t worry that your peonies will shake off or your roses will wither because wood flowers for wedding bouquets can withstand any season.

They Are Easy to Work With

Considering you can make each flower by hand, you will have total freedom in deciding the size, the shape, and the color so that everything will run smoothly. Thanks to the artificial plant fillers, you won’t have difficulty covering blank spots or completing a bouquet that you find too dull.

They Are Eco-friendly

Unlike plastic flowers that take decades to degrade and have a negative impact on nature, sola flowers are 100% eco-friendly. The prime matter is a natural plant called tapioca root, which grows naturally and is not very hard to care for, so the harvesting costs are reduced. Besides, they last a very long time and are biodegradable, so you don’t have to worry about them affecting the soil when you throw them away.

Guide to Picking the Ideal Flowers for the Wedding

Given how beautiful and realistic wooden flowers are, you will likely want them on your wedding day. If you want to be sure you have picked the ideal model for your taste, here are a few key aspects to have in mind.

Set a Budget

Knowing how much you are willing to spend on your wedding flowers is essential. Real flowers are costly, and a large part of the wedding budget can go to purchasing them, especially out of season. This is a concern you can take off your mind, as wood flowers for wedding decorations cost a fraction of real flowers. Even more, you can have fun making the corsages and bouquets yourself and save even more money. Plus, after the ceremony, you can reuse the flowers and turn them into gifts for a dear friend or Mother’s Day. Plenty of ingenious ways exist to reuse the fake flowers used for a wedding.

Decide On a Theme

It will be much easier to decide which flowers and artificial plant fillers to use if you agree on a theme to follow. Whether you focus on the season and choose representative flowers, or you wish to experiment with themes. Choose “Around the world” and replicate flowers from around the world, or document the flowers from a specific country. Or perhaps you prefer a rustic wedding with daisies or sunflowers. The choices are endless.

Choose a Color Pallet

To create a balanced decoration that will be pleasant to the eye, avoid going for more than three colors. It’s best to set a color theme covering the other decorations, the bridesmaids’ dresses, the candy bar, and the cake. This way, you will ensure nothing is exaggerated and tiresome to watch.

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