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Brahmatal Trek - My Guide

Ever imagined yourself in the midst of mountains. On whatever trek you go, be it Chaukhamba from Deoriatal Chandrashila or Bandarpoonch from Dayara Bugyal, Brahmatal is the one which beats all of these; it is a trek that takes the cake. 

Now you may be wondering how here Brahmatal trek offers you to climb out of Rhododendron trees and oak forests and you see the white wall of the Trishul massif. These views become visible when you ridge towards Jhandi top. At the right side you see the massive Mt Trishul while on the other side you see the Mt Nanda Ghunti. And Ronti Saddle is the ridge which connects both these mountains. 

And not only this when you reach the top of Brahmatal a new set of mountains open up before you. As you explore Mt Neelkanth, Mt Hathi Ghoda and Mt Trishul and Mt Nanda Ghunti which stand right towards you.  Hence Brahmatal trek provides best mountain views and it is for all the trek lovers who want to expose this. It is at a height of 12,200 feet located over Uttarakhand Himalayas. 

Other than the mountains Brahmatal trek has lovely forests and lush green meadows. It offers two lakes to look forward to. And the most flawless thing is the entire trek is covered with snow in peak winters during January and February. The trek is a moderate one and one needs to prepare well before going for it. 

What you will see at Brahmatal trek:

-The Rhododendron forests from Bekaltal to Tilandi are mesmerising to watch out for. These forests are centuries old and are a treat to the eyes. After crossing Bekaltal you get to see the demarcated section of Rhododendron and the trunk twist and turns which is a must to watch out for. However if you trek during March and April you will see the pink flowery roof and in winters there is the white snowy carpet you will find. 

-The ridge meadow walk from Tilandi to Jhandi top is most beautiful as you see the wall of white mountains. On one side you see the mighty Trishul range and on the other side there opens up the layers of mountains going down all the way to Deval and Tharali. So as you climb to the top you unravel the enormity of these mountain ranges so up close to you. 

-The Brahmatal lake and the campsite is another special experience you will encounter. The campsite is surrounded by a ridge of mountains which falls down to meet the lower towns below. And watching the sky colour changing from yellow to orange to pink and to blue is what you will find astonishing as you face the western horizon. In the middle of the undulating meadows you will find Brahmatal lake which is not so big but offers the crystal clear blue oasis and a lone tree near it. The lake will make you forget every tension and as it is a perfect place to take you into the reflective zone yourself. The experience is more of looking inwards as your eyes do not get anything to see around but just the lake. In winters you will find the lake freezing which will make you freeze in time. 

Best time to go for:

The ideal time to do Brahmatal trek would be during spring, autumn and winters which offer the different flavours in different seasons. In spring you witness the great Rhododendron Himalayas blooming dark pink and crimson. In autumn you will find the crisp mountain views and sunrise and sunset views are most vibrant . In winters you trek in snow as the whole landscape seems to be white with frozen lakes. And camping on the snow at Tilandi is difficult but offers spectacular sunrises and sunsets with the vibrant colours that gleam on the snowy mountains. 

Now to stay safe on Brahmatal trek it is important to aware yourself about the terrain, altitude, exit points and AMS. It has easy exits which do not make it difficult. All you need to do is to prepare yourself for endurance and trekking in snow. 

So you are all ready to go Brahmatal to explore its richness of mountains and seek serenity and nature beauty around you. 

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