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Is It Easier to Get the CCIE EI than CCIE DC Certificate?

We all know that Cisco certification has many directions to choose from. Network engineers can choose the direction they want to learn according to their own interests and career planning. Among the major directions of Cisco certification, the EI certification and the DC certification are both popular. Many students have questions about the difficulty of these two directions. Is it easier to get the CCIE EI certificate than the CCIE DC certificate? So what is the fact? Before talking about the difficulty of them, we would like to give a brief introduction to the two directions respectively.

The predecessor of the CCIE EI direction is the CCIE RS direction. EI direction can be said to be the upgraded version of RS direction, mainly involving knowledge points such as dual stack (IPv4 and IPv6) architecture, virtualization, infrastructure, network security, security, automation, etc. EI mainly retains 30% of the previous RS network infrastructure in campus common technology (switch management, layer 2 protocol, vlan technology, STP, Ether Channel technology, etc.), routing concept, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, multicast and other protocols used to be tested in RS. In terms of transmission technology and solutions, MPLS content is still retained in EI direction. In short, the original RS accounts for 60% of the content, the software defined infrastructure accounts for 25%, and the infrastructure automation and programmability accounts for 15%. Passing the CCIE EI certification exam demonstrates your skills in complex enterprise infrastructure solutions.

The CCIE DC direction means the direction of data center, which mainly involves knowledge points such as network, computing, storage network, automation, security and so on. After learning the CCIE DC certification, you can master the data center level of network solutions and a variety of network technologies, including traditional sophomore technology, Fabric Path, Overlay sophomore technology VXLAN, EVPN technology based on VXLAN, OTV technology to realize data center interconnection, etc. Besides, you can be familiar with the advanced features of NEXUS switch and master the data center level of storage network solutions, virtualization and automation solutions, unified computing solutions based on the center level, etc.

To obtain CCIE EI certificate, you need to pass two exams: the qualification exam covering core enterprise infrastructure technology, and the hands-on CCIE EI lab exam covering the whole enterprise network and the network life cycle from design, deployment to operation and optimization.

To obtain CCIE DC certificate, you must pass two exams: the qualification exam covering core data center technology, and the hands-on CCIE Data Center Lab covering all data center networks and the whole network life cycle from design, deployment to operation and optimization.

Back to the question itself, judging from the required exam subjects and the contents to be mastered, the difficulty of exams in different directions at the same level is in fact almost the same. So it is not easier to get the CCIE EI certificate than the CCIE DC certificate. Whether it's easy to get a certificate or not depends on one's personal situation, such as one's existing experience, one's interest in this direction, one's way of learning, and so on. As an expert level certification of Cisco certification program, there will be difficulties to pass the CCIE certification. It is suggested that you choose the direction according to your own interests. The difficulty is not a standard for choosing the direction.

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