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CCIE or HCIE After Passing CCNP?

Some IT professionals may have some doubts about HUAWEI Certification or Cisco Certification. Some of them said that they have passed the CCNP test, and they don’t know whether it is better to take the CCIE test directly or the HCIE test? First of all, let’s take you to understand the relationship between those certifications.

First of all, in terms of name, the first two letters of CCNP and CCIE are the same, and the last two letters of CCIE and HCIE are the same. What does this mean? As we all know, the “CC” of CCNP and CCIE is the acronym of “Cisco Certified”, that is, they both belong to Cisco Certification, while the “IE” of CCIE and HICE is the acronym of “Internet Expert”, that is, they are both Internet Expert Level Certification, and their certification levels are consistent in a way.

CCIE or HCIE after having the CCNP? The main reason for this doubt is that during the preparation for the Cisco Certification, they are not sure whether they should choose the Cisco Certification or the Expert Level Certification of the HUAWEI Certification. Now in the market, some people say that Cisco Certification is good, while others say that HUAWEI Certification is good. It can be said that there are many different opinions, among which the network engineers are really confused and don’t know how to do. So which one is better?

As we have mentioned above, both CCNP and CCIE belong to Cisco Certification System. After taking the CCNP and CCIE examination, its main advantage lies in its “inheritance”. The succession of knowledge points is progressive, and the whole system of learning will not change much. Moreover, after the reform of Cisco Certification System last year, it is obvious that taking the CCIE Examination will be easier after getting the CCNP. Why is that? Because the written test of CCIE and the written test of CCNP in the same direction are the same, which means that after passing the CCNP 350-401, candidates can choose to take an optional test to become CCNP, or they can choose to participate in the experimental test, after which they can become CCIE. All they need to do is to prepare for the experimental test only. Although the 8-hour experimental test in CCIE Certification is very difficult, but it’s worthy of a try.

From the perspective of mandatory conditions, although CCNP and HICE are not the same manufacturer, there are still no restrictions on the HICE Examination. So no matter whether you have passed CCNP or not, you can take the HICE Examination as long as you want to. So what’s the advantage of taking the HICE Examination after passing CCNP? First of all, you have obtained two certifications. There are two certifications endorsing for you. After you pass HCIE, you can take CCIE and become a double IE. it’s also a good choice. Secondly, whether it’s Cisco Certification or HUAWEI Certification, these two certification systems are very similar. As long as the contents are in the same direction, they are also very similar. So as long as you choose the same direction, learning the knowledge points of CCNP is also helpful for you to pass HCIE. So you can also choose to take the HCIE after passing CCNP, which is also allowed.

Whether it’s HUAWEI Certification or Cisco Certification, getting the IE level Certificate is of great help to individuals, because they both are highly valuable. However, SPOTO suggests that if you want to go to a foreign company, you had better choose CCIE, while if you don’t want to go to a foreign company, HCIE is also very good.

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