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Indian Startups and the Growth of Cloud Telephony

To survive and succeed in today's cutthroat economic climate, companies need cutting-edge strategies. Customer service and support, whether for local or foreign customers, must be prompt and excellent, in addition to the high quality of the items themselves. Cloud telephony is one technology that greatly aids in this direction.

But what is cloud-based telephony, how does it operate, and what benefits does it provide that make it one of the most promising and crucial commercial communication technologies? Moreover, what exactly does the future hold for cloud telephony in India?

Cloud Telephony and How It Works

Cloud-based telephony is a new kind of phone service that enables users to make and receive calls using the internet rather than through a physical phone infrastructure. Further, cloud telephony service digitalizes analog signals for data transmission, as opposed to the conventional phone system's analog signals. Following that, it sends them across the internet to the intended recipient.

Eventually, this will help cut infrastructure costs since IP phones and a reliable internet connection will be all that's needed at any location.

Here are some further reasons why cloud telephony is quickly becoming the standard for business communications and why its future's so bright:

  • A unified method for conducting business communications

  • Completely new features
  • Extreme portability
  • Safe and sound information transfer
  • Easily adaptable to changing company requirements
  • Improved voice quality with no delays or interruptions
  • The price of setup and upkeep is close to none.
  • Expansion on demand

For these reasons and more, cloud-based telephony is becoming more widespread. Before delving into the potential of cloud telephony in India, let's take a short look at each facet individually.

Why is Cloud Telephony Important for Startups?

What this means, in a nutshell, is that they provide various advantages to new businesses. To what extent, however, do new businesses gain from cloud telephony? Following are a few examples:

  • Help With Telecommuting

  • Providing Assistance to Clients
  • Flexibility in Size
  • Security and stability that can't be compromised
  • Infinitely Recent Updates Permanently Installed

Providing Assistance to Clients

The customer service use case is also supported by the Office24by7 cloud telephony system. Setting up toll-free numbers for customer service is easy with our cloud solution, and other cloud telephony features like IVR (interactive voice response), auto-attendants, missed call features for customers, or even call forwarding through the webRTC, among several others, prove useful when the company's customer base grows to mandate the establishment of a dedicated call center.

Help With Telecommuting

Start-ups may gain an edge by meeting the needs of workers who choose remote work. The sophisticated capabilities of cloud telephony, such as video conferencing, screen sharing, call recording, and more, facilitate effective communication and cooperation among staff members. In a world where the mobile-first strategy reigns supreme, the fact that the cloud telephony system can be used on any computer, smartphone, or tablet is a huge plus.

Continued, Regular Updates

Knowing that Office24by7 is in charge of keeping the cloud running smoothly means that businesses can rest certain that they will always have access to the most recent enhancements and security patches, ensuring the highest level of functionality and safety.

Constancy and safety

It is common practice for product development companies to videotape internal meetings and brainstorming sessions for use in the future. The flip side of the coin is that many support teams routinely record client conversations for purposes such as quality control and auditing. In that case, where is the central location where anybody in the team may go to watch/listen to these things?

It's safe to presume that young companies can't afford to build dedicated server rooms and storage facilities. It is never a good idea to spend money on them, even if you have enough of it since doing so requires a large investment in terms of full-time employees. The cloud-based repository included in the cloud telephony system makes it possible for businesses to access their content and data from anywhere in the world without compromising its safety. All of our clients are assured of a 99.99 percent uptime.

Flexibility in Size

Office24by7 cloud telephony system makes it simple to scale up or down with the size of an organization's staff, ensuring that businesses only pay for the features they employ. The capability to quickly adjust use allows businesses to save money by cutting unnecessary costs.

Wrapping It Up

Cloud telephony is here to stay. It is time for startups to invest in cloud telephony. Contact Office24by7 on +91 7097171717 , the best cloud telephony provider for more details.

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