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The Leading Dictation Software For Doctors Using Mac

The application of speech recognition spread globally with Siri and Alexa- now universally recognized as multifunctional online personal assistants that users cannot imagine their lives without. The market of speech recognition software in North America is estimated to be worth $177 million in 2015 and expects to reach a revenue of $1.5 billion by 2024. Speech recognition technology also found its application across a variety of industries ranging from automotive manufacturing for free-hand control of the working process on multiple levels of production, to the medical industry for an increase of doctors’ time with their patients by implementing medical transcription recognition tools.

Industries that benefit from using speech recognition technologies are:

  • Marketing agencies whose business depends on databases expansion as the instrument for identifying optimal marketing solutions
  • Education services in which both instructors and learners can use voice recognition for better communication
  • E-commerce Development for improving customer care management by prompting the higher speed of feedback. Voice search can increase revenue by an estimated 30%
  • Legal practices for expanding client base by assisting case management with voice-assisted systems
  • Transport companies that use voice-activated services for enhancing productivity in terms of timing/route/booking enhancements. Recording users’ voice searches on transport schedule might translate into an improved way of employing transport networks as a solution to metro traffic issues
  • Education services in which both instructors and learners can use voice recognition for better communication
  • Financial sector where chatbots are widely used in a user interface
  • Healthcare sector where it can enhance e-records security and increase patient engagement.

This market growth is a consequence of the lucrative opportunities that speech recognition technology has opened for online banking and healthcare, ranging from incorporating voice authentication to improving business productivity by reducing the time spent on administrating tasks. Medical dictation software is a powerful method to save time on taking clinical notes. If you’re a doctor who uses a Mac, you value a neat, simple, and functional aesthetic. You also need precise and affordable speech-to-text software that sends dictations from your iPhone or Mac directly to the patient chart. So what’s the best option in terms of dictation software for doctors who use Macs?

Augnito may just be what you’re looking for. Augnito has a dictation function that turns your smartphone into a remote control for the EMR. Hundreds of doctors use Augnito every day to eliminate up to 70% of the keyboarding and computer distractions from every patient visit. You might have a few questions like - Is EMR speech-to-text the right dictation workflow for me? If so, how does Augnito work? What features make Augnito unique among competitors? And what makes it the best dictation software for doctors who use Macs?

The right dictation workflow

Physicians need a suitable medical dictation workflow to reduce time spent on clinical documentation. You could hire an in-house scribe, a third-party for transcription services, or automate dictation using speech-to-text software. So which dictation workflow is the best fit for your practice? With the latest advancements in speech recognition technology, EMR speech-to-text is the easiest, most precise, and the cheapest dictation workflow. With automated dictation, you won’t make a voice recording or need to hire a transcriptionist to type it. Augnito automates the process. You speak your notes into a microphone and your words transfer instantly to the EMR. Accuracy can be ensured as you go, and edits can be made before saving the note.

Augnito is perfect for busy physicians that don’t mind learning a brand- new streamlined workflow. Only after a short learning period, you can remove hours spent on documentation each week by dictating instant and precise notes. If you use Mac and are looking for a voice-to-text or mobile medical dictation solution, your best option is Augnito.

How Augnito works

Augnito equips your iPhone or Mac computer with one of the most dependable speech-to-text medical dictation facility. Augnito is:

  • Quick and precise – words appear instantly on your screen and in patients’ charts.
  • Medical grade – it recognizes medical terminology accurately.
  • Mobile friendly – it makes your iPhone a clinical tool for medical dictation and much more.
  • EMR-integrated – it speaks to your EMR to get every detail properly recorded.
  • Also for desktop – allows you to instantly dictate into any application on your Mac.

Designed by doctors, for doctors, Augnito not only makes it quicker to dictate, but it also accelerates your workflow. Closing charts is now possible in minutes. The result is a dictation solution that seamlessly synchronizes with your existing EMR. Physicians give specific reasons why they find Augnito to be the best dictation solution for doctors who use Macs:

  1. PULL PREVIOUS DOCUMENTATION - It’s the only app that makes previous documentation available from your mobile device. With a single tap, you can go from dictating to quickly filling the patient chart with past templates.
  2. BUILT-IN PHOTO CAPTURE - Many providers using mobile dictation also improve clinical documentation with images. Photo capture can reduce hours spent on the EMR.
  3. WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT - Your team can use Augnito for more than medical dictation. Accelerate your workflow by automating vitals collection, instantly scanning documents, managing patient intake, reviewing patient profiles, and a lot more.

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