Akshay Sharma

5 Instagram Marketing Tips To Boost Your Online Store Sales

If your aim is sharing photos on a social media platform then Instagram is the right platform for you. Its monthly active users are more than 1.16 billion. It has been found that the people who use IG, access its app for about 8 minutes daily. The site also has a lot of influencers on it. For making your brand influential on this platform you need to prepare the right plan. Here are the 5 Instagram Marketing tips to boost your online store sales.

1. Build a community on this platform – If you build a community on IG then this will help you in marketing your brand. When every time only your brand will be picked by the consumers and they will not go to any other option then this will benefit you a lot. Discovering your posts will be easy for the consumers if you use those hashtags that are brand specific as well as popular.

2. Share the user-generated content – In order to benefit your e-commerce store, using social proof will be a good idea. The chances of the consumers to buy an item increase if they see that the features of other buyers who have bought that particular item are similar to them. In this situation, a content that is user-generated can help you a lot. Prepare a strategy of IG marketing where you will share a content that is user generated. This content will serve as a social proof for a lot of consumers.

3. Make a number of influencers or brands your partner – There are a number of influencers on IG who have a lot of followers. If you make these influencers your partner then their followers will be aware of your brand. This type of influencer marketing will be very beneficial to you. A follower on IG that is engaged can prove to be very helpful for marketing your brand.

4. Offer giveaways or organize contests that are interesting – For getting digital success the key is engagement. Try to create a campaign that increases engagement. If you run giveaways or contests then this can be very effective for marketing your brand.

5. On several occasions participate in an interaction with your audience on IG – If you participate in a conversation with your audience on IG then they will try to know about your brand. This strategy will definitely work as we are already aware of the fact that for digital success the key is engagement.

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