Athexport House

face veneer manufacturer in indonesia


Athexporthouse is your pleasant holiday spot for top-awesome Gurjan face veneer sourced at once from Burma. With a dedication to excellence, we feature the exceptional veneer merchandise that decorates the splendor and sturdiness of your indoor spaces.

Our Gurjan face veneer is made from the one-of-a kind Gurjan wood species, known for its incredible power and adorable grain patterns. Burma, renowned for its rich forestry, provides the appropriate surroundings for producing this remarkable veneer.

At Athexporthouse, we prioritize sustainability and accountable sourcing practices. Our veneer is harvested following ethical and green standards, ensuring the protection of forests for generations to come.

Our Gurjan face veneer is flexible and ideal for diverse programs, from fixtures and cabinetry to wall panels and more. It provides a hint of herbal splendor and sophistication to any task.

Experience the undying beauty and power of Gurjan face veneer from Burma with Athexporthouse. Explore our large variety of veneer alternatives and remodel your spaces into showcases of exquisite craftsmanship.

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