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If bikes are Men's first girlfriends, then cars are their lifelong pals, and their quality maintenance is your responsibility. 

You may have Mercedes, Ferrari, Opel, Mahindra, Tata, or Toyota, whether hybrid or petrol version, but your car performance and life will always depend upon, how well you maintain it. Quality and in-time full car-servicing keep your car galloping.

Serve Best Servicing To Your Car - A Stitch In Time To Saves Nine

Your look-out shouldn't be for just any "car service near me" but rather “the best car service near me".

Full-Car servicing in India is more like prevention that helps avoid car breakdown and repair expenses, and an assurance to increase your car’s life. It’s good to forget about temporary servicing and develop a complete car servicing habit. 

Full Car Servicing in India – More You Know Better It Is

The car that you drive is an aggregate set-up of auto parts & ancillaries, including chassis, engine, and other auto components/accessories. Car servicing is a regular check-up performed regularly, either kilometer run-wise, or time period-wise.

Full car servicing happens once a year but can also be done before, if the car runs quite often and covers long-distance regularly, especially on rough roads or terrains. 

It’s always wise to have a  full car servicing annually, and you can expect these, either repaired or changed during servicing of your vehicle.


  • Oil – Needless to top-up engine oil is above the normal level
  • Carbon Flushing - Needed after 50000 km, consider engine flushing to prevent carbon settlement on cylinder valves
  • Checking and replacing the oil filter, crankcase, oil pan, timer-belt, engine breather 

Brakes System and Braking parts

Brakes are used more frequently in metro cities in India like - Delhi, and Mumbai, due to traffic congestion & replacing brake parts is more common to happen.

  • Servicing Brake System - Hand brakes, front brakes, & rear brakes
  • Brake Pads and Rotors – lay in-between braking system 
  • Brake fluid – moisture impacts brake performance and needs replacement. Recommended change after every 25000 miles
  • Brake liners, Disc brakes, drums


Exhaust System 

Ventilate harmful gases from the cylinder. Some have one car exhaust system, while 8-cylindered cars have two.


  • Checking oil filter, piston, time-belt
  • Check for lubrication leaks, brake pipes, and fuel lines including fuel cap 
  • Carry out Tyre check/ Tyre tread & pressure check
  • Wheel alignment, wheel bearings check
  • Check the gearbox, top-up the rear axle, and transfer box oil levels.
  • SOS check - ABS and airbag along with warning lights
  • Checking the Shock absorber, suspension joint check, steering  
  • Carry out emission report
  • Car wash & inner vacuuming, waxing, anti-rust, polishing
  • Electronics & light system 

Your Car Is Your Asset Don’t Let It Turn Into A Liability

In India, several car service centers may be near you, but for a full servicing of your car, prefer the best servicing centers, and buy genuine car spares from the authorized service center in India.

Choose the best car service near me than going to the nearest car service center for quality full car servicing. 

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