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How To Traffic Your Instagram Followers More?

If you're someone who spends a few hours a day scrolling through your Instagram feed, you may have noticed this before - the Instagram algorithm has changed. The posts you see on your feed are no longer in chronological order. And since the likes of Instagram are being hidden, comments are the most important method of engagement to gain visibility.

With an Instagram algorithm that keeps changing, social media marketers need to keep up with it. Currently, jobs are being organized at their level of participation. So how do you get more users to leave a comment about your Instagram posts?

In this article, we’ve put together some useful Instagram tips you can use to get more views on your posts and to grow and get real Instagram followers.

1. Run an Instagram or Giveaway contest

For more engagement on your posts, Instagram contests and gifts are unbeatable. Think about it. We all love to win free stuff. Use that to the benefit of your brand by introducing contest rules that follow your account, like the post, and tag your friends in the comments.

Another way is that you could do a week-long campaign for the contest where users are required to comment every day. Finally, you could ask your followers to post their photos while tagging your brand in the post. Not only does this increase your likes of Instagram but it also grows a trailer. Win-win in every department.

2. Reciprocal Participation

This is one of the most powerful and sure ways to get more views on Instagram. Make a list of all the accounts that interact regularly with your posts. This thoughtful gesture is a great way to encourage them to approach your posts because they know their efforts are not one-sided. This also works with accounts that are already following you. Agreed, this is a time-consuming task, but well worth it in the long run.

3. Respond to your comments

 Gives you more visible views and Instagram engagement. As with any type of social media, responding to comments on Instagram gives your followers a sense of community. They feel that they are part of some common interest. Before you know it, a chat thread may be the result of one user comment that other users may join. Responding to comments encourages more fans to leave in the future and strengthens your relationship with them.

4. Host Instagram takeovers

Instagram takeovers are when one Instagram account takes another person’s feed, usually for a day. They are made from the perspective of an influential, colleague or another enterprise in your industry. The idea is to add fresh content and bring innovative ideas to boards that can also generate more engagement. This winning strategy ensures that the host, as well as the guest, benefit from the takeover. So whether you’re taking on someone’s account or hosting someone, both of you can benefit. Takeovers work great to boost the traffic to your post as the attention is overshadowed by both the host and the guest.

5. Be Creative in asking people to comment

If you want to get more comments on your Instagram posts, the most obvious thing is to ask them. However, instead of coming across as desperate to enjoy more jobs and jobs, think outside the box. When you are creative with your approach, your followers will not avoid feeling like the plague thinking 'Oh then he/she comes again!'.

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6. Post Photos of Your Furry Friends

There are no people who do not love to see cute animal photos and videos. This is why Instagram accounts go viral so often that they earn large sums of money like human influencers. Whether you have a cute puppy in your office or a colleague’s pet, see if your audience responds to your posts.

7. Ask Relevant Questions About Your Posts

Here’s a pro-tip - if you want your comments to grow into a thread that everyone wants to be a part of, ask exciting questions that users will be associated with. You get Instagram engagement through creative captions like 'yay or nay?' or also 'agree and disagree'. But if you want to stream the conversation, ask questions that will encourage your users to join. What could be better than a post that makes people want to respond and comment without you having to push them for it? It is the best-case scenario.

8. Use Relevant Hashtags

No matter what your social media platform, hashtags play a key role in connecting you with people who share your interests. When you use hashtags on a particular post, your post pops up every time someone searches for the same hashtag. For example, if you are doing a book post, you can use hashtags like #BooksOnInstagram, #Booknerds, #Booklovers, and #Bibliophiles.

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