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Good Morning Thoughts and Habits for Positive Vibes in Life

If you want positivity and productivity to reflect into your life then the first few minutes of your morning just after waking up are the most crucial one. It all depends upon you how your day is going to take the pace. If you fill your mind with negativity, then your entire day is going to be full of misery and catestrophe, while on the other hand having positivity could bring a lot of luck, and opportunities for you.

Here's our list of the best habits that you can practice right away to lead a very fruitful day

1) Giving yourself at least 15 minutes of no screen time

It has been proven by now that social media junks fill up most of our memories nowadays. So, just checking your social media feeds right away can bring negativity into your life. So, stop yourself being enslaved by social media. At least do it for the first couple of hours of the day and you will be amazed to find your life taking a new turn.

Giving yourself at least 15 minutes of no screen time

2) Say no to your morning drinks

Whether you are a coffee guy or tea, it doesn't matter. But we all have our preferences in the morning. Although it might seem at the start that it gives a boost to your productivity, but you are wrong. Studies show that regular intake of caffeine or nicotine increases the urge or taking more caffeine or nicotine. that's why after a cup of coffee you feel all boost up but again after 30 minutes, you feel the need of another cup.

Say no to your morning drinks

3) Sit up straight

Although there are many ways to wake up from your bed, the best one as far as I could remember is to sit up straight. Just after waking up, try to sit up straight instead of rolling over into your bed, asking the permission from yourself for a couple of more minutes.

Sit up straight

4) Set up your goal

If you are confused regarding yourself, that what you are going to do this morning, then certainly my friend this would let you go nowhere. While on the other hand try to make a checklist of all the tasks you want to complete today and try to abide by it. It might seem like a pretty hefty job at the beginning, but if you get a hang of it, it's going to help you in the long run.

Set up your goal

5) Meditate

This one is the last, but certainly not the least. Everything starts with meditation and ends with meditation. It might seem boring to you but hang in there with us. A "successful" meditation in an entire lifetime might be only a few seconds. However, sitting in a comfortable position and focusing on clearing your mind, even if it's for less than a minute can help your mental clarity and spiritual well-being and set the stage for the day.


So, Right from today, start all these morning habits and experience it from yourself how your life miraculously change. And don't forget to let me know in the comment section below, how this article helped you.

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