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Did Gully Boy Movie did justice to Divine's story !!

Did Gully Boy Movie did justice to Divine's story !! 

gully boy got a very good response from its release date and the people had the hangover for a couple of days. Everyone was chanting one rap tag of the movie "Apna time ayega". It has an approximate box office collection of  ₹238.16 crore. 

gully boy box office collection

So the first question comes to everyone's mind is who is gully boy?

22-year-old Murad is the son of a driver, hailing from a ghetto in Mumbai. While his parents expect him to land a white collar job, the youngster`s greatest passion is rap music. In a country where being an artist is often a far-fetched dream for the impoverished, Murad`s struggles to rise above his circumstances and become a musician will send ripples of hip-hop across all social classes, inspiring an entire generation of youngsters.

The film produced by Farhan Akhtar. This is no ordinary Bollywood drama, this movie is on international standard. This is Zoya Akhtar's best directional venture and Ranveer Singh's best acting performance, arguably better than 'Bajirao Mastani'. Performances by every actor is on the ultimate level be it Vijay Raaz or Alia Bhat or newcomer Siddharth. The camera work to background score, detailing is simply fabulous. If this movie gets nominated for Academy Awards I won't be surprised.

This movie has EVERYthing. Such a hard-hitting story and a breathtaking movie that just entertained to absolute bits. The content-driven film which feeds the adrenaline aptly! 

Take a bow Zoya Akhtar, for being ridiculously awesome in direction and casting everyone so perfectly that they were actually living the characters! Extracting top-notch performances from each n every character is a massive art!

Ranveer Singh is indeed a gift to Indian cinema and he goddamn owned every scene! Impeccable and bhot hard!! His work and craft is setting new benchmarks for his nemesis in the industry! After  bajirao mastani and Padmaavat Ranveer Singh again proved that he has the full potential to rule Bollywood in coming years

Siddharth Chaturvedi is the one that stands out crazy for me as his dialogue delivery was full of fire that created an impact on me that I was repeating his dialogues in THAT lingo for hours after the movie!

This movie is something that is not meant to be missed by any means.
In a nutshell, it's an amalgamation of all the raw emotions and oh boy, insanely inspiring! The GullyBoy jukebox isn't gonna fade into oblivion anytime soon. Stayed true to its hip hop roots! Amazing OST with pure soul in its writing!

Long live Hip Hop; Long live the hustle. And all the art, it breeds!

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