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Everything you need to do a healthy home office

The pandemic forces those who can to telework, with all the advantages and disadvantages that this entails. As a consequence, it is necessary to designate an area within the house or what is the same, set up a home office to do home office or telework. The ideal is to have a specific room, but since this is not always possible, then at least look for a place that is somehow separate. This space will prepare you mentally to activate the work mode and will help to establish a balance between work and relaxation time. By trying to establish some routines, the better equipped this site is, the more chances you will have of increasing health, safety  and security productivity

Before enabling your home office , think about everything you really need to carry out your work in the same way as if you were in your workplace. Technological equipment, such as a PC and an internet connection, are obviously the two basic ones for teleworking. Better a laptop or a desktop? The first one gives you the possibility of moving to another room or taking it with you to visit a client. If you want to work with a large screen, you can connect one to your laptop or, more commonly, to a desktop computer. Regarding the connection, to work it is preferable to use a network cable than Wi-Fi as it gives you more speed. If this is not possible and the option is only Wi-Fi, make sure that the computer is as close to the router as possible. To get more bandwidth, disconnect unused devices from the network.

Once you have chosen the place of the house to work, you should try to make it as comfortable as possible. Don't let the home office put your health to the test . Choosing a suitable table and chair is important, especially the latter for all the time you will spend sitting. To take care of your health, especially of the back and neck, opt for ergonomic and specific furniture for work environments. Although that may mean that aesthetically it does not fit in with the rest of the decoration of your house, it takes your well-being as a priority.

If your budget allows it, it is especially important that you do not skimp on the investment of a good office chair with adjustable height and try it before, if possible. Go for a 90-90-90 seat, that is, one that makes it easy to keep your legs, hips and back at approximately 90 degrees. In addition, the chair should allow the user to have the arms and wrists at 90 degrees to the desk for wrist comfort and function, according to the Ergonomics Health Association.

Just as if you were in your face-to-face workplace, maintain a proper posture so as not to damage your back or your eyesight. It is advisable that you look for a place in your house for a home office where you do not face or back to a window, but side with respect to it. That natural light does not face you on the PC screen so that it does not bounce and damage the eyes or directly on them because it could cause glare.

The PC should be placed at eye level. If the space is poorly lit and you need to resort to artificial light, put a soft and indirect white light. The work table and keyboard should be at the height of your elbows. Take breaks and pauses to avoid fatigue situations (when you are at home you can take the opportunity to do something, such as drink a glass of water, talk on the phone, go out to the terrace and breathe in the fresh air, order something, exercise for a few minutes ...).

Apart from providing it with the right furniture for you, it is about creating an office in which you feel as comfortable as possible and that inspires you. So do not hesitate to personalize it with whatever you want, maybe a painting, a photo frame, a plant, a blackboard ... but without going overboard because it should be a work context that limits distractions, helps you focus and facilitates balance between personal and professional life.

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