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How to Cancel Your Bookings on United Airlines? Process & Guidelines

Have you been planning on canceling your flight tickets on United Airlines? Well, many passengers face such situations where they cancel their flight due to many unavoidable reasons especially at the last minute. However, they also worry about their refunds and other travel plans.


Now, when it comes to United Airlines, the airline offers quite flexibility on its cancellations and flight change, and the airline’s cancellations policy is also helping with the cancellations. Therefore, read further to learn more about how to cancel your United airlines booking online, and the relevant cancellations policy as well.


Important Guidelines from the Cancellation Policy of United Airlines

•       As per United’s cancellations policy, one can get a full refund without even paying the cancellation fee If they cancel their bookings within 24 hours of the purchase.


•       However, if the cancellations are made after the 24-hours grace period, then the airline will deduct its cancellation fee that’ll vary on the fare type, booking details, time of cancellations, and other info.


•       If the passenger is cancelling their refundable United airlines booking, then the airline will not charge its cancellation fee. However, for non-refundable fares, one may have to pay the cancellation fee ranging from $50-$150.


•       United Airlines charges a fee of $50 for cancelling its non-refundable fares. This also applies to getting a refund against the cancellations.


•       In the event, if a passenger wants to cancel their United Airlines flight instead of cancelling it, then it can be done without paying the flight change fee depending upon the fare eligibility and if done within 24-hours.


•       However, a change fee of $400 will be applicable for international fares & $200 for domestic fares plus the fare difference if the changes are made after the 24-hours grace period.


For more info on the United Airlines booking cancellations guidelines, you can also talk to its customer services experts and get better assistance.


Online Process to Cancel Bookings on United Airlines


•       Visit the United Airlines official website, and then scroll to the My Trips tab.


•       Now, enter the required booking details such as confirmation number and the passenger’s last name.


•       Select the Search button to fetch the booking info, then scroll to the cancel button, and then follow the onscreen prompts to make their refund request.


Moreover, if you wish to know more about airlines booking guidelines and online cancellations process, then contact the United airlines customer service phone number and get better assistance.

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