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How Do I Change Flight on Kuwait Airways?

How Can I Change Kuwait Airways Flight?

Traveling to your selected destination with Kuwait Airways is always a memorable experience as they will provide you with multiple top-rated services. After making the reservation with Kuwait Airways, if the purpose of your reservation gets postponed, then you can get the option to change the flight. To change the flight, there are different options and policies available, but if you do not have information about those things, then you go through with the below-mentioned content.

What is the Kuwait Airways 24 Hours Flight Change Policy?

  • As per the Kuwait Airways 24-hour flight change policies, award tickets and group booking are not applicable for 24 24-hour free modification period.
  • The purchase is made by the traveler one week before the departure, and then they change the flight within 24 hours. They will not need to pay any charges.
  • All restricted and non-restricted fare comes under the 24-hour rule of flight change.
  • After surpassing the 24-hour free change window, you will need to pay the charges, which are between 150 USD to 400 USD.

What is the Kuwait Airways Schedule Change Policy?

Having the information about the schedule change policies is essential as it will help you to know whether you have to pay the charges for flight change or not. If you do not have information about Kuwait Airways flight change policy, then go through it below. 


  • To make any change in your travel dates or flight timings, you have to communicate with Kuwait Airways customer service.
  • After the issuance of the tickets, if the airlines make any changes to your selected flight which is not acceptable to you, then you will get the option to change your flight without paying any charges, but only within 12 months or in case you do not want to travel then you can apply for the complete refund.
  • If the airlines change the flight and there is no seat vacant in your selected travel class, then airlines are eligible to offer you a higher class, and for that, they will not charge any amount.
  • The flight change request can only be acceptable if there are any seats vacant in the selected flight. If there is no seat vacant, then the airline will not change the flight.
  • After making the confirmed reservation, if you or your family member has any medical issues, then you are eligible to change the flight without paying any charges. But in such a situation, you will have to show genuine documents.
  • At the time of buying the tickets, if you apply for the insurance of the tickets, then you will not need to pay any flight change cost.
  • In case a passenger changes the flight and makes the upgrade request as well, then they will need to pay the flight rescheduling fee along with the fare difference.

How Can I Change the Flight on Kuwait Airways?

There are different online or offline modes active using which you can change the flight on Kuwait Airways, and in case you do not have information about those modes, then you can go through below.

Use the official Website: You can use the official website of Kuwait Airways to change the flight, and if you want to use this mode, then you can go through the below points.


  • Search for the official website of Kuwait Airways: https://www.kuwaitairways.com/en/manage-booking.
  • Now choose the manage bookings option and provide your last name with the booking reference number
  • Following this, you need to choose the change flight tap and then select the new travel dates
  • Further from the available options, choose the new flight and save the details 
  • Then you have to accept all the terms and conditions
  • Next, if there are any charges available, then pay them using online mode or by card. 
  • Once the transaction is completed, you will receive an email about successfully changing the flight.

Communicate with Representatives: If you do not want to face any long process or if you want information about the flight change policies, charges, etc. Then you can communicate with their customer service. To communicate with customer service, you need to make the call to this number +1 (201)-582-9200 / +965 24345555 / 1-802-209-8436 and then choose the comfortable connecting language. After that, form the IVR options, choose which is relevant to your queries, and the representative will take the call.

How Much is The Flight Change Fee for Kuwait Airways?

Kuwait Airways change fee will apply on changes in travel date, time, destination, class of service, etc. The charges that you have to pay for flight change will vary as per the route or destination of the flight, but still, you have to pay the amount between 150 USD to 280 USD for domestic flight bookings, and if you have any international flight, then you need to pay in between 200 USD to 400 USD.


With the above information, you will know about the Kuwait Airways flight change fee; if you want any other information, then you can also reach Kuwait Airways' official website, as the airline regularly posts updates on it.

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