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How to communicate with Alitalia customer service?

How do I get through to Alitalia?

Alitalia Airlines has been quite prominent with its communication channels and customer service that it has been providing to passengers over the years. Alitalia is thus quite famous among its contemporaries for being a trustable airline service provider. In case the passenger would like to know about different ways through which they can contact the airline, they can read through the details that have been provided here for their understanding.

How can a passenger place a call with Alitalia?

Alitalia has well-connected customer service options which they can use in case they would like to place a call through Alitalia's phone number. The simple process to place the call with Alitalia is given here as follows:

  • Visit the official website of Alitalia Airlines.
  • Look through the page to find the Contacts and Assistance at the end of the page.
  • Find the Customer Center link under it and click on it.
  • On the newly displayed page, the number to place the call will be present.
  • Dial and place the call at 877-793-1717 to follow through with the instructions given.

After a certain waiting time, the airline will connect the passenger to the customer support team. The team will then assign an agent as per the query raised where they can proceed to give further details on the request made. The above-provided number is the Alitalia customer service 24* 7 contact number, on which the agent is always available.

Is there any other method of contact available with the airline other than a call?

The passenger can use alternative methods of contact available with the airline which are as provided below:

Via Mail:

The passenger can draft and send a mail at [email protected]. The representative will get in touch to provide the relevant response as per the need of the passenger. Ensure to send the mail with all the details and attachment along with a proper subject and headline so that it becomes easier for the agent to find the mail sent. The response will be received with the Alitalia customer service hours that the airline adheres to. The response received through mail will be much slower than when a call is placed.

Through App:

Alitalia mobile app is easily downloadable through the Google Play Store or Apple Store on the passenger's mobile device.  The passenger can download the app on their respective device and then log in with the credentials to access the various help and support provided. The agents are even available through the app for calls as well as chats. Swift responses will be received through the app.

How do I speak to someone on Alitalia

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