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How can I connect to ANA airlines live person?


ANA Airlines is a 5-star airline in Japan that offers flight tickets at a reasonable cost. The customer service is exceptional and if you face any issues during the trip, you can call the customer service department and get help. You can get help with problems related to reservations, you may claim a refund, share your feedback, or file a complaint. You can get the details by going through the information here.


The process to call ANA Airlines by phone-

●    The ANA airlines 24hour phone number +1(844)806-7380 or 1800 235-9262 can be used. You have to dial the number and follow the series of voice instructions that you get.

●      First, you can select the language by pressing the relevant number from the menu.

●      To book a flight or to modify the reservation, you must press 1.

●      To get help with delayed or damaged baggage, press 2.

●      Press 3 to claim a refund.

●      Press 9 to speak with a customer representative.

●      If required, you have to give the booking details to get the best possible solution to your query.


By following the steps above, you can easily connect with the airline. To connect faster, you must call early in the morning or later in the evening as the airline gets less calls during these hours. If you are not able to connect using the ANA airlines booking number, you can use another method from the list below.


Using email:

You can send an email and get help. You can keep tabs on the conversation. You have to write the query in detail. Mention your contact number. This way the airline can get in touch with you easily and you will be able to keep track of the interaction. If you are contacting to get help with a baggage-related issue, you must mention the baggage claim number, flight number, and the date of travel. You will get a reply in 7 days with solution.


Using live chat:

Passengers can choose to chat with a representative and get help. It is a convenient option to communicate with the airline. You have to click the chat icon to start the conversation. Then, you can send message to get a fast reply.


Using social media:

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be used to connect with the airline. You will get  guidance in t right direction. You can get updates on the airline news, you will be able to find out about the latest deals, discounts, and offers given by the airline. Many customers use social media to get in touch with a representative on a daily basis. You have to follow the airline on its official page and send message to get a reply.


The information above will be useful if you want to contact ANA Airlines. You will get the solution to all your queries easily in a timely and efficient manner. The ANA airlines reservations contact number will be operational 24/7 for your comfort so that your trip is memorable.

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