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Uchiha's Greatest Weapon: The Izanagi And The Izanami

The two most fascinating clans in the Naruto Manga are certainly are the Senjus and the Uchihas. One from the direct descendant of Asura and the other from Indra respectively.

Today we would be talking about the Uchiha clan's ultimate weapon. Obviously, you could say that the Amaterasu or the Susano is their strongest weapon, but it certainly falls behind the Izanagi and the Izanami.

The Izanagi

This is a jutsu that 'decides one's destiny' as explained by Itachi to Sasuke. This jutsu is cast upon the user itself. A better of understanding it, just think about it as a checkpoint in your saved game, where whenever anything goes wrong, you can just start over it again. The same goes for Izanagi too. If the user is at the verge of death or too much wounded to fight, he can just revert back to his healthy state.

But with such power comes a cost. The cost is the light of the eye. After the Izanagi has been cast successfully, the user loses the vision in that eye. That is the very reason this jutsu is only used that the most critical time.

The only way to gain visual powers back to that eye is by evolving it into a Rinnegan. That is why the Uchiha labeled it kinjutsu.


                                                     Danso Performing The Izanagi

The Izanami

The Izanami is the ultimate dojutsu that the Uchihas have in their arsenal.

This is a jutsu that is cast upon others. Itachi explains it in this way, the Izanami is a jutsu that 'alters one's destiny '. It is a jutsu that alters the line between Reality and Illusion. To put it into a more lucid way, think about it as the user being the game developer and the person upon whom the jutsu is casted, is the player who has to play the game by the rules set by the developer. There is practically no way to undo this jutsu, but one can come out of this infinite loop of misery by accepting this fate.

A little bit of more insight, the Izanami was first created to fight with its counterpart the Izanagi. It's been said that with the power of Izanagi, conflicts started to appear within the clan, so in order to restore peace, Izanami was created.



                                                   Kabuto Stuck In Itachi's Izanami

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