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What Happens When You Miss A Flight Kenya Airways?

If you've missed a Kenya Airways flight. don't worry, you still have time to rebook your missed Kenya Airways flight. However, there are several circumstances where rebooking costs are unambiguous. You will learn more about Kenya Airways Missed Flight policy from this article.

What is Kenya Airways Missed Flight Policy?

Kenya Airways missing flight policy covers details on missed flight scenarios, eligibility for rebooking, and the repercussions of no-shows. The following are the salient factors of Kenya Airways missed flight policy:

  • When catastrophic climate or technical problems arise, Kenya Airways will routinely book passengers on later available aircraft.
  • If you have to miss a flight for personal reasons, there can be rebooking fees.
  • If vacationers no longer board their flights during the period of the boarding procedure, they will be regarded as no-shows and will now not be eligible for a refund or rebooking.
  • The complete fee of the ticket will be forfeited if Kenya Airways is not notified of a missed flight.

Effects of missing Kenya Airways flight

As long as Kenya Airways is held responsible for the missing flight, you will be rebooked on the subsequent available flight. Rebooking costs will be imposed if you oversleep or you are at fault for the missed flight.

How Do I Rebook My Kenya Airways Missed Flight?

Here are some typical steps to rebook a missed flight with Kenya Airways:

Rebooking With Kenya Airways Customer Support

You can reschedule a missed Kenya Airways flight by calling them. By contacting a Kenya Airways customer care agent, you can start the rebooking and explain the circumstances.

Rebooking With Kenya Airways Official Website:

Use the Kenya Airways official website to rebook your missed flight by doing the following:

  • Go to the Kenya Airways official website.
  • Go to the menu bar and select the 'Book & Manage' option.
  • Choose the 'Manage Booking' menu item.
  • Fill out the reservation details for Kenya Airways.
  • Find your reservation and look for the rescheduling link.
  • Choose the up-to-date flight information.

Once you have paid any applicable fees, end the transaction.

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