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India says no headway in China Latest News Pakistan

The Indian Defense Minister said on Wednesday that negotiations between India and China continue to move forward to end the conflict in the disputed Himalayan border area, as there are tens of thousands of soldiers on both sides facing the harsh winter in the mountains.

 Several rounds of diplomatic and military negotiations aimed at reducing the worst border confrontations between nuclear-armed neighboring countries in decades have not yielded "significant results." In an interview with Reuters partner ANI, Singh said: "If the status quo continues, obviously this action will not be carried out." However, the two sides are still exchanging information about the border situation, and another round of military negotiations is approaching. 


After the troops engaged in close combat, tensions rose sharply in June. "The fighting in the Calvin Valley of Ladakh, which borders the Chinese-controlled Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Twenty Indian soldiers were killed and China suffered. The loss was not disclosed. Both sides launched offensives, increased military forces, and transported personnel. Weapons Last month, officials in New Delhi said that Indian and Chinese officials had held several parliamentary meetings to discuss ways to implement a phased withdrawal of troops.


India has about 50,000 soldiers in disputed areas, some of which are above 4,572 meters above sea level. Oxygen and severe cold winters can be life-threatening. China has a total of 3,800 kilometers of unnamed borders where its forces converge. They abide by the long-standing gun protocol. However, after the Gorfan incident, tensions escalated, and the two armies fighting the 1962 border war accused the other of shooting into the air in September.


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In this photograph taken on July ten, 2008, a Chinese soldier stands guard on the Chinese facet of the traditional Nathu La border crossing between Asian nation and China. once the 2 Asian giants opened the four,500-metre-high (15,000 feet) pass in 2006 to enhance ties stubborn by a bitter war in 1962 that saw the route closed for forty four years, several on either side hoped it might boost trade. 2 years on, optimism has given thanks to despair because the flow of traders has contracted to a trickle attributable to bureaucratic procedure, poor facilities and sub-standard roads in India's remote northeastern mountainous state of geographical region. foetoprotein PHOTO/Diptendu DUTTA


Latest news Pakistan — Following recent summit talks, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang have united to hunt what each known as a "fair resolution" to the border dispute between the 2 countries.

Defense analysts and officers in national capital, however, aforesaid the talks haven't created any headway in partitioning the problem.

"The border between the 2 countries is four,056 kilometers of space, principally in mountainous parcel, known as Line of Actual management [LAC], that is neither marked on the bottom nor on reciprocally acceptable maps," defense analyst Nitin Mehta aforesaid.

Chinese officers declined to comment.


The latest Breaking news pakistan talks were an endeavor by the Modi government to formalize the animal product to ease border tension, aforesaid associate Indian Ministry of External Affairs official.

The size of the controversial territory and therefore the quality of the problem means that it'll not be simply resolved, Mehta said, adding that the 2 "big neighbors can stay rivals."

China claims ninety two,000 sq. kilometers of Indian territory.


A joint statement issued in national capital once the could fourteen talks says, "The 2 sides acknowledged the positive role of the Agreements and Protocols that are signed up to now in maintaining peace and tranquility within the border areas. Committed to boost border defense cooperation, the 2 sides can perform annual visits and exchanges between the 2 military installation and neighboring military commands, endeavour to operationalize the hotline between the 2 military installation, expand the exchanges between the border commanders, and establish border personnel meeting points in the least sectors of the India-China border areas."


A Defense Ministry official aforesaid there haven't even been any tries to determine a proper mechanism to enhance security at the borders and check infiltration into Indian territory. the possibilities of finding an answer to the "long boundary may be a good distance off," the official aforesaid.


"Beijing needs to stay the boundary dispute alive and Asian nation can have to be compelled to be ready to fight a war with each Asian nation and China at the same time at a future date as a result of the boundary dispute will suddenly flare up," Mehta aforesaid.

Modi conjointly control talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping, including confidence-building measures additionally to the boundary issue, aforesaid the Ministry of External Affairs official.

Shreyas Deshmukh, research worker with the New Delhi-based Centre for Land Warfare Studies, said, " India-China relations area unit designed on 3 completely different tangents that area unit cooperation, competition and confrontation. However, I don't see any answer at the confrontation level within the close to future however within the future if cooperation will increase then there'll be a compromise."


The boundary dispute includes alternative problems, like the standing of refugees from Asian nation. Venkataraman Mahalingam, retired Indian Army brigadier and defense analyst, aforesaid the boundary issue is resolved if all the connected problems are resolved.

"Yes. It is resolved [the boundary dispute]. It may, however, take it slow.


The boundary dispute and connected problems embody border boundary line within the Western Sector [Aksai Chin], the center Sector [Ladakh to Asian nation and Sikkim], the japanese Sector [Arunachal Pradesh], the question of Tibet's standing and therefore the come of Shaksgam vale, a region of Jammu & Kashmir ceded to China by Asian nation in 1963. The boundary issue can not be resolved peacefully while not an answer to the standing of Asian nation and therefore the come of over ninety four,000 registered refugees in Asian nation.


The unofficial figures area unit calculable to be around a hundred and fifty,000."

The Pakistan news chances area unit smart of finding an answer to the boundary dispute as a result of the Modi government includes a full majority within the Lower House of Parliament backed by the massive mandate in last year's elections, aforesaid Mahindra Singh, retired Indian Army major general.


The Modi government will take daring choices to resolve the boundary dispute bimanual over from history, Singh said.

A senior Indian Army official, however, aforesaid Asian nation ought to prepare to fight a war and not take the case gently. "The state of affairs will deteriorate any moment" as a result of the border is "not outlined."

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