Viral Paun

In a ocean called life experiences comes as waves

Beach Lovers are called Thalassophiles.


Hoping that everyone loves beach, the shore and the depth of the water, all we need to learn is to stand off the waves when we are moving in that water and let not the ship of our life and dreams sink in water but to float and reach its destination.


Just after completing my exams, it was me and my best friend just hanging out on a beach, standing beside the shore, playing in the water and had a good time.

Same time, we realized that after each waves passing our feet we go down a little and then jump back to hit a stronger wave than the last one and be ready to face the waves.


It seems like the story of our life. When we are on the shore, its our childhood that seems to have no waves and even if slow waves are coming, they go away. Seems like this

We love the water and it seems beautiful to us.


But as soon as we move forward the waves keeps hitting us. As one of the wave goes back, out feet goes a bit down into the sand. The same happens when we face some obstacles and we lose hope to face off a wave or obstacle and may weaken us for a short time. But as soon it goes away, we jump back and are ready to face a new wave and stand up again.

This is all life about. There's a wide sea full of waves and large waves. Some waves are too big but though we have to stand up against it and if not then it could be life changing or too dangerous for us.

Being strong enough to conquer these waves, if needed finding our weapons or learning to swim or surf in the water, we have to make our path clear to the destination. Sometimes, the sea would have a high tidy waves a or it would be serene and easy enough to sail, Make sure you learn to swim or stand and cross the sea and obstacles of your life.

Not only that. Once clear with that, make sure you find a better way for your family and let them not face the problems you have.

All we have to learn is to stand or swim or surf off the water waves and reach our destination.


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