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How Should I Wear Jewellery To Look Gorgeous?

The way you dress and carry yourself is equally important as what type of Jewellery you wear to look beautiful. By wearing an outfit and jewellery which complement each other can make you look absolutely stunning for any occasion, even for daily wear.

There and different types of jewellery available everywhere nowadays, so you might like anything but make sure you choose something that goes well with your dress, skin tone, your height, your structure, and several other things.

This may sound a little overwhelming but most of the time you’re good with anything you wear decently. But when you look over the details of each item you’re wearing, you’ll observe that something is missing or something can be better.

Let’s talk about how you can personalize yourself to look the most gorgeous by just wearing jewellery as per your style:

Rings, Necklaces & Bangles

The experimentation with different designs is always a secret revealer, of what will exclusively look good on you. Trying out with contrasting lengths, textures, colours and shapes on rings, necklaces, and even earrings will definitely disclose something about your own style.

For bangles or bracelets, you can create a flash with different designs. And with that most brilliant and lovely gold ring designsyou can almost mix and stack different and interesting combinations.

Your Neck Is The Ultimate Highlight

That necklace you’re wearing is the one piece which should never be hidden under your clothing. It is an enhancement to your outfit.

Wearing a necklace according to your neckline should be given a priority because this is the one thing which is going to be highlighted. If you have a low V-neck outfit, then a pendant which sits above your blouse (cleavage). A long necklace would be a perfect choice for higher necked and crew-necked clothes.

Even layering with different length gorgeous gold necklaces will draw the eyes up to your face. 

The Match of Metals

Some people like to mix different colours of metal, which may look odd to a few people but in fact, can change your look to a whole different person. It’s actually now considered a fashion trend to mix different jewellery to create a stunning look.

Like a pendant which can contras with the chain colour they’re attached to, or layered rings which combine different metal colours; can add vibrant and interesting colour to your outfit. You can explore any online jewellery marketplace like JewelFlix. Try a mix and match to different metals to check which suits you best.

Complimenting the Outfit

Yes, it’s absolutely necessary to compliment your jewellery designs and colours to match with the outfit. Before you go shopping for jewellery, you must keep in mind the type of dresses you wear as well as the occasion you’re buying the jewellery for.

Like if you are planning to buy the jewellery for a wedding ceremony as a guest, you might have some idea about the dress you will wear. Choose jewellery according to that dress if you’re specifically buying jewellery for that, otherwise matching with the regular occasional clothes will suffice.

Outfit or Jewellery: What’s your planned highlight of the Occasion?

If you get the combination right, you will sparkle more than the rest even if they have more costly and valuable jewellery items.

A proper compliment of your jewellery and dull outfit can bring the dress to life. You may also want to choose light jewellery if you’re going for bold dress, or heavy jewellery if going for a simple and light dress. 

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