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How do I manage my booking with Lufthansa?

When it comes to managing your booking with Lufthansa, the airline offers a user-friendly and efficient process that allows you to have complete control over your travel plans. Whether you need to make changes to your flight, select your seat, or add special services, Lufthansa provides a variety of options to ensure a seamless and enjoyable journey. In this article, we will explore step-by-step how you can easily manage your booking with Lufthansa.

Accessing your booking

To get started with managing your booking, the first thing you need to do is access the Lufthansa website. Visit www.lufthansa.com and locate the "Manage booking" option on the homepage. Click on this option to initiate the process.

Retrieving your booking

Once you've clicked on the "Manage booking" option, you will be directed to a new page where you will need to provide some essential information to retrieve your booking. Enter your booking reference number and the last name of the passenger associated with the booking. Double-check the accuracy of the information before proceeding to the next step.

Exploring available options

Once your booking information is entered correctly, you will have access to a range of options to manage your booking with Lufthansa. Let's delve into some of the key features and services you can utilise:

1. Flight changes

If your plans have changed and you need to modify your travel dates or destinations, Lufthansa allows you to make flight changes through their website. Simply select the desired changes and follow the prompts to complete the process. Keep in mind that there may be associated fees or fare differences depending on the fare conditions of your ticket.

2. Seat selection

To ensure you have the most comfortable and suitable seat for your journey, Lufthansa manage booking offers the option of selecting your seat in advance. Whether you prefer a window seat to admire the views or an aisle seat for ease of access, Lufthansa's seat selection process allows you to choose according to your preferences.

3. Special services

Lufthansa understands that every passenger may have unique needs. Whether you require special assistance, such as wheelchair service, extra legroom, or dietary preferences, you can easily manage these arrangements through the "Special services" option. Lufthansa is committed to accommodating the diverse requirements of its passengers.

4. Additional baggage

If you find that your baggage needs exceed the allowed limit, Lufthansa provides the facility to add extra baggage to your booking. This can be a convenient option for those travelling with sporting equipment, musical instruments, or other oversized items. Be sure to familiarise yourself with the baggage policies and fees associated with any additional baggage.

5. Upgrade options

For those looking to enhance their travel experience, Lufthansa offers various upgrade options. Whether it's upgrading to a higher class cabin or securing extra legroom seats, these options can add an extra touch of luxury to your journey. Explore the upgrade possibilities available and treat yourself to an even more enjoyable flight.

Completing the process

Once you have selected and confirmed the desired changes and services, review your selections before proceeding to payment. Make sure to double-check all the details to avoid any potential errors. Lufthansa provides secure payment options to finalise your booking adjustments.


Managing your booking with Lufthansa is a hassle-free experience thanks to their user-friendly website and a range of convenient options. From flight changes to seat selection and additional services, Lufthansa ensures that you have complete control over your travel arrangements. Next time you plan to fly with Lufthansa, feel confident in your ability to manage your booking efficiently and enjoy a smooth and memorable journey with one of the world's leading airlines.


Q 1. How can I locate my Lufthansa reservation number?

Always check your reservation number with the airline you used to make the booking. For instance, the booking code for Lufthansa is known as a filekey, and it may be checked online by logging onto the airline's website or by getting in touch with customer support.

Q 2. How do I check the confirmation of my airline ticket?

Go to the website of your chosen airline. Choose Edit/Manage Booking from the menu. Enter your last name, email, and PNR (or Booking Reference) number. Select "Get Itinerary" from the menu.

Q 3. What does managing flight booking mean?

How do I manage my bookings? Manage Booking is your online self-service tool that lets you see your reservations for Philippine Airlines and PALexpress and make some adjustments right away.

Q 4. Does Lufthansa permit seat selection?

Choosing a seat and making a reservation in advance. Whether it's a seat by the window, an aisle, or one with greater legroom: You have the choice of choosing your seats at check-in or making a reservation for yourself and your travelling companions in advance with Lufthansa.

Q 5. Can I cancel my flight booking?

Yes. You can cancel flights. However, if you haven't purchased a fully-refundable ticket, you may not be entitled to a refund. In some instances, the airline may apply a cancellation fee.

Q 6. Does Lufthansa require a transit visa?

Is a visa required? Most foreign travellers take advantage of the "transit privilege," which waives the requirement for a transit visa if they do not exit the International Airport Area while in transit via a German airport and their final destination is not in a Schengen country.

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