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Different methods to make a group booking with Avianca

Travelers with their group often used to ask the airline to serve discounts. Considering the same thing, there is an Avianca group booking tab. Through this, you can save bucks and time, and a lot of pros you can get via the same. So, in the given elaboration, you will learn how you can complete the process, what are the benefits of the same, and other things. Please jot down if anything seems too important to you; 

Find different methods to make a group booking with Avianca. 

Make a booking via the official website. 

There is a feasible method you can adopt to make a group booking, and steps for the same are the following:

Visit the official website of Avianca to commence the method. 

There, you have to tap on the "Group Travel." 

Enter all your passengers' details, such as name, destination, time, etc., and submit the form. 

Make the half or less (as described) payment to reserve your seat. 

Make a call and request to reserve a group booking. 

The second most picked up method to make a group travel booking with Avianca is considered to be the phone call. You have to dial their assistance phone number, 1 (800) 284-2622, and the agent will record all your details and make a reservation. But ensure you have to provide all your passenger's details so the agent can confirm your reservation. 

What are the pros of making group reservations?

There are different benefits one can get by making a reserva de grupos Avianca, and you can find the information in the points:

Save bucks while reserving flights. 


Priority check-in. 

Food and drinks. 

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