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                                                                And Now This World Shall Know Pain

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We all know Pain. The most beloved villain in the Naruto manga. It's not because of Pain's power what's depicted but rather the idea based on which Pain's Ideology came into existence in the first place.

Pain's Back Story

In order to understand what influenced Pain's mind and action, you need to know a little bit of Pain's back story. Pain was not always known as the Pain, but rather Nagato. Nagato was born on a shinobi family from the village hidden in the Rain. Since the village was in the middle of the three great nations, it was constantly plagued with war. During the second shinobi war, Nagato's parents were killed by the Leaf shinobis and he was left out all alone in the world. Later on, he made friends with Yahiko and Konan. The trio found Jiraya as their Sensei and learned Ninjutsu under him. Jiraiya saw the potential in Nagato to be descendant of the sage of the Six Paths or rather a reincarnation after possessing the Rinnegan.

Nagato's Pain

After Jiraiya left them, the three friends formed the Akatsuki in the hope of helping others as other shinobis from the Hidden Rain started to join them. Then the 3rd Shinobi war broke, and the village leader Hanzo - The Salamander along with Danzo from the leaf conspired against the Akatsuki. He threatened to kill Konan, and in the process, Yahiko sacrificed himself at the hands of Nagato's kunai. This encouraged the Rinnegan user to change up his mind as Yahiko wanted the world to be. But in the process, Nagato was immobilized and he felt the pain. The pain of losing his best friend and realization of the world gave birth to PAIN'S philosophy along with the SIX PATHS OF PAIN containing Yahiko's body along with other Jiraiya's enemies.

Pain's Philosophy

Pain believed that achieving PEACE through Friendship and uniting individuals was a nieve and brass way of looking at Achieving Peace. Pain believed that this world was in a never-ending cycle of hatred and death and that in order to achieve true peace was through the experience of War. This led to the creation of the new Akatsuki which would comprise of all the strongest rogue shinobis from different villages. He wanted to capture all the Tailed Beasts in order to have a monopoly at war. Once that was done, everybody would feel the same pain and the nations would finally come at peace.

Pain's Philosophy is possible, but only through understanding. If everybody feels the same pain, they will never opt to choose it again. This ideology is based on Utilitarian Theory which beliefs in the Result rather than the Rules. Yes, he did kill a lot of people, but for him, this sacrifice was for the greater good. The only reason Pain moved forward with his plan and achieved it to such extent was because of the thought that he was a God. He acted and took actions like a God.

What I still believe is that Nagato was truly the child of Prophecy. If Pain would have won, who knows? maybe the shinobi world would have become a better place. What do you think about it guys?Was PAIN truly a villain or a God whom humans couldn't comprehend?

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