Mask your Business Number for Outbound & Inbound calls

Phone number masking in India serves as a way to ensure a secure conversation between employees and their customers. In this way, both parties have a different virtual number that protects their privacy.

A customer's request automatically gets sent to Servetel's server when they initiate a call in the app. A temporary virtual number is mapped to the customer's number at the server. When the company agent receives the call, the call is forwarded to the virtual number ID assigned to it. Thus, an agent and customer are patched together without revealing the customer's actual number.

Two-way number masking in India ensures maximum privacy for both the business and the customer. All transactions are kept on a platform by hiding the numbers, allowing you to control communication and prevent fraud.

small-to-medium-sized businesses use call masking for many different reasons, including the following:

  • Consider using specific local numbers when calling clients rather than a generic number which may appear suspicious.
  • Your business phone or local area code will be more likely to be recognized by consumers.
  • Using different devices without disclosing personal contact information can increase flexibility.
  • Your business generates more revenue and sales the more successful its calls are.

Advantages of phone number masking in India

Using this technique, the software forwards the user's actual phone number to the intermediary number. Thus, although the user sees an incoming call from the proxy number on their screen, the ring comes from the actual number of the caller.

A communication system allows two or more parties to communicate quickly, easily, and efficiently to facilitate tasks. To make logistics work, buyers and sellers should share periodically, but this is usually brief. In addition to allowing short-term communication without revealing non-essential information, they also provide the following benefits to businesses of all kinds:

Masked phone numbers and call tracking

All conversations can be recorded, tracked, and analyzed. This would not be possible with personal phone numbers. You can monitor agent performance and assess customer service quality using proxy phone numbers. Using these numbers, you can gain valuable insight into your customers. Also, you can decide where in the conversation the agent made a mistake or identify improvement opportunities so that every agent is entirely prepared to converse with a customer. Customer experiences must be of the highest quality to reap the benefits of word of mouth, repeat sales, and lead conversions.

Secure transactions

Your hard work should not go unnoticed! The use of third-party phone numbers can ensure that no personal information is exchanged between stakeholders and that all communication occurs exclusively through your business platform. In addition, no personal data can be traded this way. As a result, you can protect all your business transactions in such a way that they occur on your platform and remain fully secure.

Instant communication and phone number masking

You can ensure safe, quick, and secure communication between all parties. As a result, secure connections are made, and trust is increased.

Having the ability to contact you immediately for customer concerns is a benefit for your business. Customer communication and providing the correct information to your customers are advantages of having your employees on your team. Communication is an essential aspect of your business operation.

Suppose, for example; A customer eagerly awaits their food order. However, the delivery boy cannot locate the customer's address. Nevertheless, as soon as he receives the call, he can confirm the customer's actual location and ensure timely delivery.

Masked phone numbers for enhanced Customer Loyalty

Providing your customers with masked phone numbers will give them a more convenient and secure experience. At the same time, this enhances the perception existing customers have of your company and attracts several new ones as well. When you gain their trust, you are more likely to choose your service over all the others.

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