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Best 8 things to do for a memorable trip in Manali

Pay your respects to Himalayan Nyingamapa

The Nyingamapa Himalayan Gompa, built in a modern architecture, is one of the beautiful Buddhist monasteries of India. It was designed in the Pagoda style by Tibetan refugees in Himachal and also India. The unique yellow coloured head, while not very large, can attract a great deal of tourist attention.

Wait for the Lord Buddha's gold statue, located inside the main sanctuary. The monastery boasts beautiful wall paintings along with excellent Tibetan works, in addition to the statue of the divine Buddha. Spend time in a calm atmosphere, too.

Plan your Manali Tour Packages holiday. The Himalayan Hill Station has many experiences that you will always cherish.

Camp in Kothi

Kothi is one of Himachal Pradesh's awesome destinations. It is situated in the foothills of the Rohtang Pass, approximately 12 km far from Manali, at an altitude of 2500 metres over sea level. This magnificent village boasts a beautiful view of mountains and glaciation covered with snow. At this point the Beas River is flowing through a deep, narrow gorge. This view is one of the mountain paradise's closest sights.

Kothi is also an ideal place to camp. It is indeed a good stop if you plan on foot, as you enjoy nature's beauty, to climb up the Rohtang Pass Valley.

Explore the Naggar Castle

Naggar Castle is a magnificent historical building, located in the town of Naggar, among the breathtaking, forested hills. This palace, constructed of stone and wood, was Raja Sidh Singh's Kullu residence. Built back in 1460, it represents an impressive blend of architecture from Europe to the Himalayas. Unbelievable works of art are on display for art lovers. See the paintings of the famous Russian painter Nicholas Roerich.

The castle became a heritage hotel operated by the tourism development company Himachal Pradesh in the year 1978. (HPTDC). If you don't visit this attraction, a trip to Manali is unfinished. Take traditional items such as wall hangings, artefacts, Roerich paintings as souvenirs.

Pray to the Savior Manu at the Manu Temple

Manu Temple is a splendid temple in Manali worth visiting. Dedicated to the wise Manu, said to be the world's creator and Manusmriti's writer. In Old Manali the Manu Temple is located. Although the area is quite congested, its attraction is increased by the presence of the Beas River.

The temple is one of Manali's most important attractions. It also has a beautiful view of the valley and the city. Dresses that cover knees and shoulders must be worn inside the temple. The walk to the temple itself is a tasteful experience.

Enjoy peace at Rozy Waterfall

One can spend moments in the lap of Mother Nature with a visit to Rozy Waterfalls in Manali. The forested mountains and the huge green valleys are an awesome setting. The view from a tower of white waters is stunning. When it rains, the fall is a mighty glory, it is the best time to visit the falls. Don't miss a few pics of the lovely website.

Experience bliss in Vashisht Temple

Vashisht Temple has located about 3 km from Manali across the Beas River in the small village of Vashisht. The temples are named after one of the seven Hindu mythology wise men, Rishi Vashisht. For more than 4,000 years, the Vashisht temple is supposed to exist. In a traditional style, the Vashisht temple is decorated with elaborate wooden carvings depicting many mythological tales. It is also popular for hot springs that have supposedly medicinal properties, which cure many skin conditions and other infections.

Trek to the Jana waterfall

A hidden gem in Naggar, Manali, is the beautiful Jana Waterfalls. Deodar trees, pine trees and Apple gardens, with views over the spectacular snow-covered mountain summits, surround the mighty beauty. The water that blows down is amazing. Experience a quiet experience in the heart of nature, away from the city. Trek for more fun to the falls. Also, please enjoy the moments you spend here by clicking as many images as you want.

Manali Gompa

The Manali Gompa is an important pilgrimage place for Buddhists. It is one of Himachal's most important tourist attractions. The Gadhan Thekchokling Gompa is known in the first place. It has been a shelter for Tibetan migrants since its construction in 1960. It sports the architecture of pagodas as a fine example of the Buddhist monastery.

The monastery is known for its wall paintings, the Chortens, and the large statue of the Lord Buddha, as well as its pristine location. There are small shops within the complex that sell unique Tibetan crafts and tapestries.

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