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How to prevent cavities in adults?

When answering the question "How to prevent cavities in adults?" We believe that the best source of information comes from the Council of Dentists . Thus, based on the page of the Spanish Association of Dentists and its article "Prevention of cavities" , we are going to answer your possible questions.What is a cavity?

A cavity is, by definition, an oral disease characterized by the existence of cariogenic microorganisms that convert sugars into acids, which affects teeth and oral health. It is estimated that more than 90% of the population in Spain suffers from cavities.

According to the calculations of the General Council of Dentists of Spain, from the year 2015, it is estimated that more than 90% of the Spanish population has cavities

Prevention strategies

When answering the question of how to prevent cavities in adults, we have to start from a systemic approach, that is, a global one. Within it we have to take into account different elements , such as:

  • Oral hygiene.
  • The type of diet we have.
  • The visit to the dentist.
  • The use of suitable toothpastes.

There are more aspects, and if you want to know them all, we recommend that you go to the dentist, how could it be otherwise. However, as a general guide , we are sure that this post will be useful to you. Let's look at the points mentioned.Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is a key aspect and, among other aspects, is characterized by good brushing and the use of quality dental floss and mouthwash.

Good brushing, dental floss and a quality mouthwash are three key elements for good oral hygiene.

It is important to note that the interdental spaces are the places to which we have to pay more attention, since they are areas that we often underestimate and generate bacterial plaque. On the other hand, you should avoid brushing your teeth harshly. Brushing should be gentle and it would be appropriate to use a new brush every 90 days or so.The type of feeding

There is a maxim in this sense, and it is the decrease in sugar levels. Following the same, we must bear in mind that sweets, chocolates, industrial pastries, carbonated soft drinks, etc., do not help to prevent cavities, so their consumption should be reduced to the maximum. One piece of advice, how could it be otherwise, and not only for cavities, is to follow a balanced and healthy diet .The visit to the dentist

A general rule, and recommended by the Spanish Association of Dentists, when following the appropriate steps on how to prevent cavities in adults, is to go to your dentist at least once a year , with two fundamental purposes:

Of course, in case of any pathology, go as soon as possible and follow all the dentist's recommendations.The use of suitable toothpastes

The best thing to do is to use toothpastes that contain fluoride . Why? Because this type of toothpaste meets two important objectives: they strengthen tooth enamel and protect against demineralization.

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