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10 Mental Disorders for Which You Need to See Psychologist In Jaipur

The mental disorder causes disturbances in a person's behaviour. It disrupts the patient's energy system to think and express emotion. Depression is not taken seriously in many parts of India, resulting in an increased risk of suicide.

According to research conducted by the psychologists in Jaipur, 19% of adults, 46% of adolescents and 13% of children suffer from mental disorders every year. 


People with depression are like common people around you, due to social phobia, they are unable to disclose their problems with others.

Today Indian health infrastructure is capable in every way, and many talented therapists are present, along with the government and many institutions are spreading awareness about mental health, then why we are taking our mental health lightly? 

Type of Psychological Disorders

There are a massive number of psychological disorders that existed here are I am giving an overview of that list.

Anxiety Disorders

A person suffering from constant fear and anxiety, who is always terrorized towards future events, suffers from an anxiety disorder. There are many stages of this depression, so in the first few steps, be alert and find solutions. Otherwise, the risk of dementia and memory may increase.

Neurodevelopmental Disorders

This disorder usually occurs during adolescence and childhood. A person suffering from such disorder stutters in general communication and becomes weak intellectually; this disorder in children can also block their development.

Bipolar and Related Disorders

This disorder causes a rapid change in the person's mood, leading to an unusual change in his energy levels, which is termed as mania or hypomania.

Stress-Related Disorders

This disorder comes due to a very sad event which involves despair, despair and deep attachment to things, a person suffering from this type of depression gets stuck in a state of depression for a long time.

Dissociative Disorders

This type of psychiatric disorder weakens your memory and attacks your ability to recognize people and things. If a person's consciousness is becoming weaker every day, then it is a strong indication that he is suffering from Dissociative disorder.

Eating Disorders

The eating disorder causes a huge drop in the weight of a person. It is about eating too much and too little, which makes a person mentally and physically weak.

Sleep Disorders

Irregular sleep cycle and total sleeplessness are the major symptoms of this disorder. Insomnia affects a person's daily functioning, causing his morale to weaken and due to excessive thinking series he catches depression.

Depressive Disorders

This disorder causes a rapid change of mood in the person, causing deep sadness and untimely laughter.


It is chronic and prevalent psychiatry that has affected about one per cent of Americans. One or two symptoms come to life within the first month. This disorder can persist for a long time, hence the need for diagnosis at an early stage.

10. Substance-Related Disorders

This disorder arises from the misuse of drugs. In a person suffering from this disorder, there is an uncontrolled tendency to take narcotics. As a result, psychosis and delirium grab the person.

Importance of Psychologist

Due to irregular routines, people become irresponsible and depression becomes a cause of suffering for them and their family. That is why if you meet such a person then suggest him a good psychologist.

A psychologist is a major position responsible for the important task of keeping society mentally healthy. If a depressed person does not get diagnosed, then all the possibilities of his future are lost and he starts hating himself, due to which the misconduct of suicide also develops in his mind.

A psychiatrist can save a person from ending his life and show him a blissful way of living.

Why Choose Dr Sanjay Jain

Dr Sanjay Jain is the Best Psychologist in Jaipur who has been selected as one of the three most skilled psychologists in Jaipur by the famous American website Threebestrated.com. Dr Jain did his MBBS, M.D. in Psychiatry S.M.S. medical college Jaipur.

He has experience working in several international research. Dr Sanjay Jain is popular there for his lectures in the U.S.A. and Singapore. Aslo, the founder of Jain Neuropsychiatry clinic in Jaipur, a multi-speciality hospital that provides diagnostic for all kinds of mental disorders and male sexual disorders, recently he has included de-addiction centre in his hospital. To provide a state of heart facilities, he has established the best psychotherapy clinic in Jaipur.

Achievements and traits of Dr Sanjay Jain

  • Most accomplished and senior psychologist in Jaipur
  • Last year most Visited psychologist in Jaipur. 
  • Rajasthan medical council registered member.
  • A resident psychologist at S.M.S. medical college
  • 13-year experienced psychologist in Jaipur.

Dr Sanjay Jain has gained enormous publicity in the last few years since he joined social media to spread awareness among people about mental health.


Friedrich Nietzsche once said, "He who has a strong reason for living can live anyhow."

A psychologist's job is to make the patient aware of the reason for living and expel him from depression and push him to a purposeful life.

A person depends on his brain for all the functions but is it not ridiculous that he does not even care about the health of his brain.

We have to get out of this kind of mentality and keep psychopathology in the mainstream.

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