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True Richest Donor of the World

    When we read the success stories of successful entrepreneurs,celebrities and rich people throughout the world,We come up with new ideas,notions through reading about those people,how they become rich and successful.

   Let's take a look at Andrew Carnegie, who has experienced poverty and has become one of the richest businesses in the world due to his hard work and donate 90% of his wealth for poor and needy people and institutions!

Andrew's Childhood and Life struggle-

Andrew Carnegie, born November 25, 1835, in Scotland's Dunfermline, was deported from Scotland to the United States as a child.


Market Cross, Dunfermline High Street

Andrew's father, William Carnegie, worked in a handloom factory, and his mother also was a tailor. At the beginning of European industrial revolution Many new Machineries invented and thereby replaced the workers as consequences formed Andrew's father lost his job.

  Now for living there was only option before Andrew's father to migrate in search of job for survival of his family living;They decided to transfer from scotland to united states but again they didn't have enough money to manage the upcoming expenses they sold their household goods and also lend money for migrating in United States.


Andrew's job Journey-

     With a very struggling and day-to -day challenging life from childhood Andrew ,At the age of thirteen, he had to take a job with a salary of $5.In such a situation, Andrew was very fond of reading, he love to read books of history of scotland and books of Robbert Bun inspired him, but it was not so easy for him to read books every day as he was working to support his family livelihood.

Robbert Bun

A picture of Robbert Bun

  At a very young age,he did not have enough time for it,But as famous Idioms "There is will ,there is way "this work about Andrew, A man named James Anderson,who run free library for readers and he made available it to every working person on every saturday. James started a library in his own house and he himself was a pensioner. Andrew used to go and read books in library to cultivate interest in reading

And he decided at a very young age, like James, he had a dream that he would start a free library in future days for everyone.

      As a hardworking and honest nature of Andrew Carnegie , he soon started working as a telegram messenger, by his skill and hard-working nature gradually, due to his work skills, he was promoted from his job and got the position as a telegram operator.

While working as a telegram operator, Thomas Scott, the superintendent of a Pennsylvania railroad company, noticed Andrew's qualities and offered him the job of personal secretary and telegram operator in his company;

Pennsylvania railroad company

Pennsylvania railroad company

Andrew accepted the offer job and by his hard work and honesty, he became the Superintendent of Railroad in 1859. Since he got the job, Andrew observe the working procedure in steel industry and learned dealing with employee and clients when he earned enough money through his salary he realized the importance of savings as lessons from his childhood struggle of his parents he used to save more money and investing it in the right place and started reducing his extra expenses. Later on he started earning returns from his previous investments in shares it's began to pay dividends from companies. Andrew, who had the foresight to invest for future he decided to invest capital in the shares of Railroad Sleeper coach making company,his plan succeeded and he earned a lot of money from and reached the highest rank position of world's richest business person in that time. America's home war started which resulted in high demand of weapons materials,Andrew received bulk orders for large quantities of arms and steel, profit gained from which he started his own company, Carnegie steel manufacturing company.


Andrew's pre-decided goals-

At age 33, Andrew wrote a letter to himself stating that at age 35, he would retire from work and spend the rest of his life working on philanthropy.But he broke his promise in later years,later he started to bought steel industry related companies as like shipping company steel manufacturing and advance in technique of steel making industry.At one instance there was conflict arises between management and workers which resulted in riot,security fired on mob and nearby 14 workers were killed in the clashes,At that time Andrew was out of country,his manager Henry frick ordered to shoot on protesting workers.That event happened made him sad and after that in 1901, Andrew sold his entire companies to J.P.Morgan for $480 million dollars.

Carnegie Library

As decided previously in his younger age Andrew after selling his company, he engaged himself in and became involved in social work.he donated his 90% wealth to the poorest of the poor publically and institutions and societies working in helping needy and poor people. He built nearly 2,900 free libraries throughout the United States.Andrew is known as the richest donar of the world from his era!!

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