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Is your motivation kindling the spark of success?

‘A common Man with an uncommon determination can change his life'

How Entrepreneurship is About Self-Motivation - Osgood & Associates

Google defines Motivation as a reason for acting or behaving in a particular way. On the other hand, Science defines motivation as a stimulus or impulse. Therefore, motivation is the self-definition of your choices. So, how often do you feel motivated to attain your goals? Is your motivation internal or external!

The most powerful motivation comes from within our belief system”   -Shiv Khera, You can Win

You have to analyze the kind of inspiration, if you are a person who has great dreams and goals but unable to reach there. Most of you know what is worth doing but you might not be completely determined.

The eventual cause of being undetermined could be external motivation which comes from society, parents, peers, friends, siblings, acquaintance or rather which is extrinsic. It is apparent when someone behaves in a specific manner for external reasons. For example, you will complete the assignments or responsibilities for the sake of results or appreciation. In contrast, the intrinsic motivation or the self-motivation is evident when an individual instigates an action for his/her own sake. And by disregarding all the extrinsic rewards, self-motivation can result from our thoughts and feelings. For example, soul satisfaction, happiness and commitment.


“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” -Walt Disney

External Motivation such as money, fame and societal acceptance may disappoint you at any time but you’ll never be let down if you are determined. The swift wheel to achieve is by self-motivation. That which is the strength and power wheel of your journey.

How To Find Self Motivation? Get Leverage On Yourself

As we all are entangled on the sense of delusion and illusion; self-motivation aids engineering your inner soul to attain the supreme accomplishment.

The greatest challenge and the hardest obstacle any human will face is their own doubts, their personal fears and their self-conditioned thoughts. But ‘You’ yourself is a strong person. Believe in yourself. If you want to get inspired, go get it! Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Get off the cozy zone. Wake your dream up, awaken the beast inside.

         “Take risks in your life”
       If you win, you can lead
       If you loose, you can guide
Swami Vivekananda

It’s time to triumph your willpower towards execution. Never let your excuses chase you out. If you want to live your dreams you have to fight the greatest battle with your intimate enemy: Comfort. You have to battle the army of doubts, fear and failure.

The only armor to battle against all odds is nothing but ‘self-motivation’ which swifts the hunger to accomplish great milestones. If you feel like quitting just remember why you started, that’s your engine. Thus, you will not need any exterior spark to kindle the inner blaze. Kindle the spark in you! "Stop wishing. Start doing"

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