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Popular Courses in Canada for Indian Students 2023

Canada offers a variety of famous courses for those students who have just completed their 12th. They can choose these trending courses for an undergraduate degree, usually for 3-4 years. There are also trading courses for an undergraduate diploma, which take 6-12 months maximum. These courses offer classroom theory education and practical training, and experiential learning is why many students worldwide choose to study in Canada.


So, here are a few popular courses that you can pursue:


Information Technology

One of the fastest-growing and most popular computer service domains is Information Technology. This bachelor's degree course will help you learn how to design, develop, support, and implement information systems using your computer. Jobs in Information Technology are increasing rapidly with time, and the demand for these job-related employees is very high. Many universities in Canada offer you several universities to complete your degree in Information technology.



Engineering is one of the most recognized fields that will bring humankind to their future. Civil, electrical, mechanical, data sciences, AI, and green energy, these engineering solve several problems for us by applying scientificprinciples. Engineering has the most job opportunity comparing other finds. This country has many renowned universities that come under the top 50 ranking for top global engineering colleges. People from all over the world come here to pursue their engineering degrees as the course fee is comparatively cheap, and they provide top-quality lessons.


Healthcare, Medicine, and Biosciences

Healthcare, Medicine, And Biosciences are among the most recognized and critical industries multiplying with time. There is high demand for employees in related industries, and many jobs are available. The employee in these fields gets a handsome amount of salary. Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Biological Sciences, Dentistry, Nursing, and Specialist Physicians in medicine are the top in-demand job role in this Healthcare, Medicine, and Biosciences.


This countryhas many renowned universities that provide courses in these respective fields for students worldwide. Various courses in this field are available at these universities, such as Dental Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Neurology, Parasitology, Medical Genetics, Human Kinetics, Pathology, Laboratory, etc. According to the ranking of QS, few universities in this country come under the 100 list for being the best medical universities in the world. The charges for these courses are also affordable.



MBA is one of the world's most demanded courses and offers many career opportunities for students. Even engineering students, after completing their courses, prefer pursuing MBA for better carrier opportunities. International MBA course offers global exposure and job with a salary, so students have always wanted tostudy abroad to complete MBA from a renowned university that offers an international course. MBA courses teach and enhance the skills of banking, management consulting, and jobs in investment finance to make them expert professionals in the job market. Many universities in this country offer international courses for MBA, and these universities provide the best learning experience for international students. The course fees here are also cheaper than in many other countries.


Many other courses, such as Media and Journalism, Agricultural Science, Forestry, Earth Sciences, Renewable Energy, Human Resources, and Actuarial Science, are available for international students. So, if you want to pursue these courses for better carrier opportunities and global exposure, then pursue b-tech and degree courses from the universities in this country with the help of a study abroad consultant.

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