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Top Nine Cars That You Must Try

Undoubtedly, the automobile industry faced a great loss during 2020. But it is also undeniable that, the factor physical distancing made people buy two wheelers as well as four wheelers also. With the rising graph of pandemic, long lockdown and unemployment affected the income source of common people. Thus people forget about their lavishness.

Maintaining physical distance, is one of the important safety guidelines advised by          World Health Organisation (WHO). In such a populated country like UK, it is almost impossible to stay away from gathering if you are going out. For this reason, in order to maintain physical distance common people start to buy their personal vehicle.

As many of them became unemployed due to pandemic so to buy a vehicle bad credit loans is the only option left with them. None but only direct lenders are lending them car loans for bad credit score. However, after getting loan you need to buy a car which suits you the best. So, here is a list of top cars in UK which will be a worthy buying.

1.   Ford Fiesta:

Taking about the best seller, Ford Fiesta always tops the list even in 2020. Engineers have worked on its models and made it more spacious which satisfies the buyers. Person who drives Ford once, hardly wishes to buy car of other company.

2.   Vauxhall Corsa:

A new model of Corsa has been launched in 2020 which is equipped with both electric, petrol and diesel engines. 16 inch alloy wheels, a 7 inch display with advanced touch screen facility and attractive speed limiting feature this car is just accurate for driving long distance. In addition with them, one can enjoy the benefits of smart intelligence of this car as it will update you about nearby lane departure within 2 miles.

3.   Volkswagen Golf:

Got the rating 4.0 and ranked 25th in top 50 cars, it is known as perfect combination of every useful features. For long drive this car has earned strong reliability as it can run up to 100000 miles a day. With accurate navigation system, Bluetooth and wireless power consuming facility of mobile, this car is one step ahead from other cars. Moreover maximum fuel retention, good shape of wheels and cosy 5 seats make the car more attractive to the buyers.

4.   Mercedes Benz:

When it comes to the matter of premium quality car, Mercedes Benz always comes first. With lots of attractive technology, this car has earned huge popularity in all over the world. With automatic power steering (i.e. multi-tasking system), good ventilation system, secured anti-lock breakage installation, alloy wheels and facility to start the engine without key made the car more approaching towards the buyers. While safety is major concern, this car is equipped with two different airbags one is for driver and others for the passengers.

5.   Nissan Qashqai:

Do you have the problem of losing way frequently? Then, Nissan Qashqai will be best choice for you. Because this car comes with developed 5inch wide display which will notify you time to time about your present place and new destination. So with this upgraded system one can easily reach at his destination easily. If you are finding a dual car (i.e. seat and floor) then this car is the best option. Because you can easily turn the seats into a floor so that travelling with lots of luggage will not be hazard. Moreover, the seats are made with a special technology which will keep you warm even in winter as well as provide a sense of cosiness.

6.   Mini Cooper:

Although from the very beginning of its launch, this car Mini Cooper was unable to include its name within top ten chart, but with continuous research and development this car has become successful to enrol itself. The automobile engineers have added ample of upgraded features to it.

Some of them are smart steering, secured lock-breakage installation, automated weather controlling system, flexible rear display mirror with the help of power, 9.3 kilometre per hour mileage, lights specially designed for driving in fog, passenger airbags and many more.

To hold the popularity, the owner of this automobile company announced good discounts at its on road price. So, this is the right time to buy Mini Cooper.

7.   Volkswagen Polo:

Because of the great popularity of its sister concern Golf, this car has to struggle against several adverse scenarios. But with good reputation in it is still competing in the automobile industry. With its gorgeous, slim look this car attracts the attention of buyers at once. Available with advanced features like power windows, 999cc petrol engine capacity, mileage of 16.47-18.24 km/hour, 5 seating arrangements, alloy wheels and front fog lights, airbags for driver this car is comes under pocket friendly range. As it comes with all basic facilities and available at pocket friendly range so buying this car will be a good choice.

8.   Ford Puma:

If you are searching for a recently launched model then choosing Ford Puma will be the perfect option. Just after the launch, it has earned a good reputation as well as high popularity. The facility of tankage bin and well drainage system have made the car best seller.

Moreover, wonderful sunroof, the convenience of charging mobiles without wire, great sound system, 12.5 inch wide display, smart internet sharing facility, cosy anterior seat and a mild mongrel process of 48 volt have made the care a best seller. So why wait for other car when you can get lots of benefits within one car.

9.   Volvo XC40:

This particular model of Volvo has become the best model and earned good revenue for the manufacturer. It even competed with one of the top car BMW1 and left it behind. With comfort leather covered seats, smart installation of tailgate, smart system for easy parking, accessible power button near the steering, posh outlook, good mileage and maximum petrol retention made the car more lucrative to the buyers. So if you are thinking to buy this car then it will be a perfect decision. 

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