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20 Things you do before traveling to turkey

If you’re planning a trip to Turkey, the probability is – you’re a smart traveler and want to be as prepared as possible. Homega got your back!


Check If You Need a Visa for Turkey – First and foremost, ensure that you are legally permitted to enter the country!

European Union – For stays of up to 90 days, all EU countries (except Cyprus  and Latvia) do not require a Turkish visa.

Citizens of the United States and Canada will need to apply for an e-visa.

Australia and New Zealand – Similar to the United States, Australian citizens must obtain an e-visa before entering Turkey. New Zealand citizens don’t require a visa. 

  1. If you venture to the rural parts, language is a struggle Most people in Turkey speak English. But if you want to venture to the more rural parts you must know basic Turkish greetings or a translator along.


  1. Know which weather you want to enjoy – In summers(hitting 100 F but a lot of fun), bring UV umbrellas, sunscreen, and drink plenty of water. Winter can be cold and there will snow in some regions. Spring and fall are the most gorgeous time of year.


  1. Pack your outfits accordingly – If you’re staying in a tourist area, wear whatever makes you feel most at ease. However, if you intend to explore the surrounding areas and wish to visit a mosque, you should cover your head, arms, and bare legs as a sign of respect.


  1. Know a little about Turkish History – You probably have heard the terms Ottoman empire, Sultans, and Atatürk. If you’re really into learning more about a country, we recommend getting a very quick crash course in Turkish history.


Travel Adapter for Turkey – F type which is the basic European outlet. The standard voltage is 220 V.


Carry Spare Cash – In Turkey, your credit cards might not work everywhere – some older terminals, local shops prefer cash. 


  1. Carry a wifi router if possible – Turkey undoubtedly has the best facilities globally, but wifi might sometimes serve as a problem.


Download Google Translate – Before you leave for Turkey, Homega recommends downloading the Turkish language offline on Google Translate.


 Add Traditional Hammam to your wishlist


Be aware of common scams in Turkey – avoid Shoe Shiner, taxis, or bazaar scams.


  1. Save space in your luggage – Since Turkey has so many opportunities to go shopping and souvenirs you might need to buy extra luggage on your way back home. 


  1. Practice your bargaining skills – You can bargain the price down on many goods in local bazaars.
  3. Check out the top places to visit prior – as Turkey is way too vast and diverse.
  5. Know your food preference and where to find them – the country has the widest options for food.
  7.  Consult a travel advisor

Decide Where to Stay in Turkey? – There are hundreds and hundreds of gorgeous hotels, Airbnbs, and renting homes to choose from throughout Turkey – Homega will make this process easy for longer stays.


Research Well Before You Make Your Itinerary

  2. Do not miss recreational activities from your list – paragliding, hot air balloon, cruise, surf, grape harvesting, etc.
  4.  Most importantly – seek the most fun out of this country. 


Make sure to follow these helpful tips for visiting Turkey so that you can have a relaxing vacation without getting into any unpleasant situation.


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