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Tricksters gods and supernatural person WHO BRILLIANTLY CHEATED PEOPLE

Tricksters, as the name implies, are the ones who deceive people. Mythical swindlers or trickster however. are found in folklore or modern popular culture where they are portrayed as sneaky creatures doing everything to get what they want. Anyway, it must be said that swindlers or tricksters are interesting beings.

1.      DAUCINA


Daucina is a deity known for her ability to seduce women. With lies and half-truth he entered the bed of a woman who could not resist his charm. If his victim is deceived and continues to sleep with him, they will suffer long-term health problems. Therefore, young women are warned to avoid Daucina and identify him with his abnormally cold penis. He is also the god of the sea in Fiji. Hopefully the clans who attacked nearby villages would talk about his blessing. There are rumors that Taosina would then disguise as a fisherman and go to the target village to sell fish. He will then return to the First Clan and guarantee that they will kill as many enemies as the purchaser.

2.      ALAN WALKER (Also called the fourteenth, and As a white clown)



You might think that he is just an ordinary person with a tragic background, but in fact he is more mysterious and extraordinary than anyone. As a kid, Allen had the largest scarf and a sharp attitude, but when his parent tutor passed away and left cursed eyes, everything changed. Then he began to subconsciously take over the friendly and polite attitude of his guardian, biting ironic and offensive words in his throat. This will be the first of many of his tours.

What I like most about Allen is his cheating skills. And I know ~, cheating is not a good thing, but I'm like he can have almost anyone in a card game.

The other thing is that he cannot predict anyone's way of doing things. This is the main reason why Allen is called a "clown". Allen seems to be a kind, polite and honest person, but can lie down without blinking and he’s full of tricks.

3.      HERMES


As we all know, the Greek god Hermes has many things, including messengers, thieves and one of the greatest mythical scammers. Legend has it that he was born in a fairy named Maia and was the father of Zeus, King of Olympus. Usually, Hermès is fast, which is why it is responsible for transmitting messages, because no one else can move at such speeds. However, he still disagreed with other gods, because he had deceived them.

His most notorious prank was when he robbed the Apollo herd. To prevent the Sun god from finding a place to hide them, he gave them four boots. Apollo did not find his cattle, but he knew Hermès was responsible. He took Hermes to Zeus to answer his prank, but Zeus didn't care. This theft is why Hermes became the patron saint of shepherds and thieves.

4. IKTOMI      


Iktomi is a playful and usual creature with a playful character and is popular in Dakota's tradition. His naughty character often puts him in a dangerous situation, and which most often than not, always uses his mind to get out of theses troubles. One of Iktomi's most popular stories is how ducks have pink eyes. Hunting was not something he was proud of. It prefers to use traps and tricks to catch prey.

One day, he was walking by the lake, holding up a beautiful blanket, as if there was something special in it. The ducks were curious and asked him what was inside. He claimed that it was a song, and when he opened the magic cover, it gave out a sweet melody. The ducks were glad to hear Iktomi's cover song. They started singing, he convinced them to continue the song, they had to sing with their eyes closed, and if they were opened before the song was over, they would turn red. The duck was forced to sing, but a little duck could not help but open them. When the duck did so, he saw half of his brothers die from a broken neck. He sounded the alarm, and the other ducks opened their eyes and flew away, but the curse of the blanket continued, and their eyes turned pink as a result….

5.      LOKI


Loki is perhaps the most famous of all fabulous crooks. He was an important member of the kingdom of the Nordic gods Asgard, but his relationship with the other gods was very tense. This is because he ignores the welfare of his fellow citizens. His immediate family members were also not respected. His daughter was a goddess of the grave and his son Jomungand was charged with killing Thor.

Ignoring the right way of doing things, he expanded the law of nature and became Sleipni's mother after he became a mare and allowed him (her?) To be filled with a stallion named Svadilfari. In addition to other terrible moves, he earned his reputation as a superficial coward, and only cared about his own interests. He can sometimes help others, but only if their interests run parallel to his own. Loki's unpleasant manners and considered one of the most notorious mythical cheaters have no trace of his worship.

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