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How to add Delta skymiles to Air France?

How do I add Delta SkyMiles to Air France?

Air France is the most beneficial airline, providing passengers with comfortable journeys. If you have Delta SkyMiles and are booking the Air France flight ticket, then before booking the flight ticket, you need to know that Delta and Air France are members of SkyMiles. So that you can easily use Delta miles on Air France. To get the whole process then, below are the following all the details that are mentioned:-

Methods to transfer Delta miles on Air France:-

Here are the following all the steps that you have to follow to transfer delta miles on Air France, below are the following all the details that you must follow:-

  • First of all, you have to access the Air France airline and then tap on the flight option to book the ticket. 
  • Now, you are required to enter all the details that are essential for booking in the flight tab. 
  • After that, start proceeding to the make payment tab to click that and open. 
  • Then, there are various options to select and make a payment. 
  • When you make payment, select an option through which you can add miles of the partner's airline to pay all the charges. 
  • Proceed to the payment tab, quickly use your Delta miles, and complete the process. 

Ways to use the Delta miles on Air France:-

There are numerous forms that you can efficiently use the Delta miles on Air France to get the steps; if you are wondering about getting all the details, you must read all the below-mentioned list:-

  • You can use this while selecting the seat on your flight. 
  • With delta miles, you can shop and pay all the bills. 
  • Easily use that mile and gain the access to a privileged club. 
  • Also, you are allowed to carry extra baggage, which is based on the number of miles you have. 
  • You can book your flight ticket on Air France with Delta miles.

Can you transfer Delta miles to other airlines?

If you think that Delta miles can be easily used by any other airline, then there is no option that you will get to transfer your miles, and you are not able to transfer your miles from one airline to another. But, there is a possibility that you can use Delta Miles on Air France, and it will be possible because Delta Airlines is partnered with other Air France as a member of SkyMiles. So, if you are traveling with any airline that is partnered with Delta Airlines, then you can easily use the Delta miles while booking the flight ticket. 

Hope that all the information that is related to how to add Delta SkyMiles to Air France will be the best and simplest method that you can use. If there are any issues you need to resolve, then connect with an expert or reach out to our other articles. 

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