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visit the lesser-known exciting places in Thailand

If anyone would ask you which are the best places to visit in Thailand? You would surely reply Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket. And it's no surprise as indeed these places receive tourists in millions each year from all parts of the world and people rave about it the most on the internet. Tourists of every category, may it be solo traveller, couples for honeymoon or for any special occasion, family and kids, a group of friends visit Thailand to bask into the tropical experience that the sandy shores, palm trees, blue crystal-clear water, the thrill of the bustling city and the music, food and fun offers. 


But Thailand is much more than the gorgeous sunsets and partying all night. It has some hidden gems, places which not many people are aware of. These offbeat tracks are an adventure to visit for a change; instead of heading towards where everyone is heading, exploring these sites would make you discover so much about the culture and tradition of Thailand, some amazing yet not much known beauties of nature and some real fun activities you can get indulge with. Fill your album with pictures of rare spots and boast of going to some interesting destinations.


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Five offbeat places you can visit in Thailand to get an incredible experience




Phetchaburi is located in central Thailand. It is a province which is situated at a distance of about 130km southwest from Bangkok. It is surrounded by the Myanmar border in the west and the Gulf of Thailand in the east. This place is very much hidden and yet to get the limelight kind of place, but is a worth visiting one. If you are someone who loves to visit forests for trekking and gets fascinated about caves, then Phetchaburi is a must visit place for you as it is covered by dense rainforest and in the forest you will get caves. The most famous cave is Tham Khao Luang which is located at a small hill. It is a limestone cave having many buddha statues. When the cave receives sunlight from the ceiling of it, the rays of light make the cave look all the more fascinating. You can sail on the boat to see Bryde's whale. This place is very suitable for camping as well. 

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For a secluded retreat Trang is a great place to be. It is a city in Krabi in southern Thailand. It has a number of amazing beaches. Trang is not known by many people but it is nothing but a paradise yet to be discovered. There are many of us especially couples during honeymooning who seek privacy in the beaches which is really hard to get in Bangkok, Phuket, in Krabi itself unless you take some beachfront restaurant for dining. 

Trang has the most beautiful white sandy beaches with clear blue water perfect for strolling on the less crowded beach to have some private time. Coffee is very popular in Trang. One of the most interesting attractions of Trang which not many people are aware of is on Valentine's day there is a unique way of wedding people witness in Trang. At Koh Kradan, Thai Airways Trang Underwater wedding takes place where the bride and the groom wear snorkels and exchange vows underwater in the sea. Such an amazing way of getting married is a worthy sight to see. 


Koh Lipe 


Koh Lipe is not so hidden from the world but doesn't remain in the tourists top visited places as well. Koh Lipe is another dreamy place to visit. It is Thailand's southernmost island which has white sandy shore and turquoise blue waters. It is also known as "The Maldives of Thailand." The island is not too big floating in the Andaman sea. The island is not too big and the best part of it is it provides enough space to relax and calmly lay in the sands. It is not very crowded yet still offers the perfect beach vacation where you can do a lot of things together with your family and friends. You can go scuba diving in Koh Lipe. You can get the best view of the coral reefs. You can also do snorkelling. Spend an easy relaxing secluded getaway. 


Koh Mak


Koh Mak is a small island of Thailand. Koh Mak is between the popular Koh Chang and Koh Kood. It is a hidden gem of Thailand which not many tourists explored till now. It is located on the east side of the Gulf of Thailand. It is a privately owned island small in size but it is a treat to the serene lovers. For couples it will be great to have some quality time together on a peaceful beach away from the world and the chaos. You can witness one of the best views of the sunset from the golden sand beach of Koh Mak which is mostly empty. What can be better than this for couples to get the taste of honeymooning on a private island? If you are visiting with your friends you can go around exploring Koh Mak on a bicycle. You can even go hiking in Koh Mak. You can do kayaking, snorkelling, Muay Thai as a part of the water activities and fun. 


Chiang Dao


After visiting all the skyscrapers, witnessing the nightlife, experiencing the adventures of the air and the water, it is time to visit some countryside and get connected with the authentic Thai life and culture. Chiang Mai is very famous for being the city of temples, adventurous activities and the colourful market but just 80 km away from Chiang Mai is situated high in the hills, Chiang Dao. The meaning of the name of the city is very beautiful, "City of Stars." Chiang Dao is situated at a high altitude which gives a cool breeze and serene environment. Chiang Dao's main attraction is its caves. It has many caves which you can explore. Apart from it, Chiang Dao has Hot springs. It is located south of the Ban Tham area. There are several waterfalls as well you will find here.


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