Question To Consider Before Purchasing Water Filling Machine

Although, it is very hard to decide which of the water filling machine to choose for your business because they're different options at the market.


Below are the questions you need to ask before purchasing a water filling machine that would be best for your business and with various equipment needed at the production room.


1. When purchasing a water filling machine, what’re you filling inside the bottle?

When you're purchasing the filling machine, you need to ask if the machine purchase can only be used to fill water into the bottle because some machines can fill in dry goods such as powders or pills, etc.

Therefore, when considering which machine filler to purchase, always asks for the viscosity or constituency rate. So, after knowing the rate you and which best fits in your business, then you can purchase it.

Also, you need to know that water is of low viscosity and it will be a very different task during production than the filling of liquid of high viscosity.


2. What type of bottle are you using to fill in the water?

It was very important to also consider which type of bottles or containers you will be using on the purchased machine because the type of bottles used will dictate the kind of techniques to be used during the production line.

The physical properties of the materials you will be used to fill in the water might be different or vary, so you need to know which type you will need for production before purchasing the water filling machine.

Besides, the bottle compatibility with the machine is the major factor to also consider ensuring proper functioning of the water filling machine. For example, Automatic water filling machine grabs the bottle on its neck or top while another grabs by the side, and also if the bottle has a unique cap or lid grabbing by the side won’t work for this kind of machine.

Likewise, if the top of the bottle is too wide, grabbing by the side won't work for it. So it is necessary to consider all this before purchasing, and lastly, you need to consider if the container is made of glass or plastics.


3. What’s your production rate?

When you're considering the efficiency of a water filling machine, you need to consider your future and present production in mind because it is very important, if you want to expand your business in the future the probability to do so is very slim.

So, smaller machines are usually measured by the rate at which they Produce bottles per hour while the larger machine is measured by the rate at which it produces bottles per minute. 


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