All You Need to Know About Ziwi Peak Dog Food and Ziwi Peak Cat Food

ziwi peak dog food

The most loved furry companions commonly found in almost any household around the world are cats and dogs. If you are in the search of finding a company that produces the best food products for your companions and you came across this article consider it a sign. This article will provide you with the necessary information that will absolutely make you love these pet products before even buying them. Ziwi Peak dog food and Ziwi Peak cat food formulas are designed to support the health of your pet by using fresh high-quality ingredients. Their formula aims to mirror raw diets.

Ziwi Peak- Who Are They?

Ziwi Peak is a company entirely owned by family members that do not want to reveal the entire details of their manufacturing process. Its main founder, Peter Mitchell used to be passionate about owning and raising free-range deers. He used to supply top-quality meat to various pet food companies until he found out how many chemicals his pure and raw ingredients were mixed with. While being a pet lover he decided he can do it better. His company is based in New Zealand and is quickly turning into one of the healthiest and cleanest pet food locations.

Its headquarters are based in a small town on the north island and they mostly use fresh local ingredients to create their pet food products. It is publicly confirmed that they do not use ingredients from China and that their main focus is to pay the same attention to creating the formula as well as manufacturing it.

Carefully Prepared Formulas

In the preparation and manufacturing process of ziwi peak dog food and ziwi peak cat food has involved a group of individuals that love animals with all their hearts. Their main focus and beliefs consist of love and respect but also the fact that everyone should show these feelings towards all the animals on planet Earth. Their recipes are award-winning formulas that have changed animals' lives for the best. It has been stated that they hand-craft their products in small batches and are produced in the family kitchens. Their formulas are created to suit the biological needs of cats and dogs and are made with sustainable raw meat from their local area. Compared to other pet food companies Ziwi Peak really cares about the health and happiness of your pets this is why they put their soul into creating the best food formula for your furry loved ones.

Ziwi Peak Dog Food

Most customers that have changed the diets of their cats or dogs to ziwi peak dog food or ziwi peak cat food have only the best of words to describe the difference made. All their recipes are grain-free which means they do not contain corn, wheat, soy ingredients, or any artificial additives. They also avoid using harmful chemicals such as BPA or carrageenan that are known to cause dogs serious digestive problems and overall health issues.

Here is a list of Ziwi Peak Dog Food available products on the market and their prices:

  • Air Dried Chicken 500g – 31 dollars
  • Air Dried Chicken 1kg – 59 dollars
  • Air Dried Chicken 4kg – 200 dollars
  • Air Dried Tripe and Lamb
  • Air Dried Mackerel and Lamb
  • Air Dried Venison

At first glance, the products may seem a little pricey but when you think about their unbeatable quality you will realize the health of your pet is worth every penny spent on quality food products.

 ziwi peak cat food

Ziwi Peak Cat Food

The same amount of love and devotion is put when creating and manufacturing the ziwi peak cat food products. The product's ingredients are similar but there are differently made, specially designed for a cat's digestive system. Similar to dog food products, they come in different bag sizes and with many flavors. You can either purchase bags individually or in bulk benefiting from wholesale prices. They also produce canned food that can be ordered in packs of maximum of 24 items. Here is a list of flavors for both bags and cans:

  • Air dried chicken
  • Air dried beef
  • Air dried lamb
  • Air dried mackerel and lamb
  • Air dried venison
  • Air dried east cape

They also provide bags of treats for both cats and dogs. Customers have said that these beefy treats have turned into their pet's favorites. All the ingredients that go into the fabrication process of these treats are grain-free and high-quality beef meat. Without using additives and fillers like potatoes and soy these treats have nutritious ingredients like sea kelp and parsley. With 96% organs and beef meat, these high-protein treats can be given to pets that are on a weight-reducing diet. Each piece contains only 5 calories which are really low and easily processed by the animal's liver.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for the best quality food products for your pet look no more because you have just found it. The Ziwi Peak food items may be a little pricey but their top quality does not have any rivals on the market. Without using any artificial additives or harmful chemicals their formula is based on fresh raw ingredients locally purchased. While handpicking the ingredients from sustainable local sources they also hand make the meals in their family kitchens. Being so invested in creating a formula that would conquer the entire pet food industry but also pet owners' minds they have managed to do so.

Both formulas for cats and ziwi peak dog food focus on supporting the immune system of your pets', improving their digestive system, and maintaining an overall healthy organism. If this research has not convinced you yet then you should look more at how important providing your pet with a healthy free of chemicals and nutritious meal is but also how big the impact of giving poorly created meals upon your pets' health.

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