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PRIVACY POLICY of Storybaaz cares about your privacy and it is our primary concern.This privacy policy explains how your personal data or informations are used,collected and shared in our platform.This policy is applicable to the operations of Storybaaz and its associates.Capitalized terms that we have not defined carry a special meaning given to them in our Terms and Services.

  1. Account and profile info

    We collect all the informations provided by you while creating a profile on this platform.Your name and other personal details that you choose to fill in will be available for the users of this platform.After creating your personal profile,the content will be seen by other users.Like,they can go through the name and genre of the story you posted.Here other users can follow you and the vice versa.

  2. User content

    We store the information and content that you post to this platform,including stories,articles,poems,your picture and coments.Your content,name,comments ,likes ,dislikes are publickly visible on this platform except you post something anonymously.These also may be reached by the search engines and brought out elsewhere in internet according to the Terms and Conditions.

  3. Communications

    We can use your contact informations to connect with you if needed.When you communicate with us(through email,ph no,texts etc),we may keep the record of our communication.Disclosure of your contact information will be deemed as your consent to our use of your contact details to communicate with you.

  4. Integrated service provider and linked network

    you can choose to click sign in or sign up option on this platform using a linked network(Facebook,Google etc)and your existing Story Storybaaz account can be connected with certain third party network like Facebook.If you sign up using a linked network,we receive a profile and account information of yors from that particular network.Your Storybaaz profile may show these networks from where people can find you.But before you connect through a third party network,you should go through their respective privacy policies for information about their practices.To know the informations concerning your choices,including the disconnection procedure of a linked network from your Storybaaz profile,kindly go to the “your choice” option below.

  5. Engagement

    A unique feature enables Storybaaz to gather the browsing data of a user- such as location,IP address,exact date,time stamp,user agent,URL,Storybaaz Cookie Id(If applicable),advertising and content identities and other information about user activities on its platform.

    1. How we use your data

      We have mentioned already that your privacy is our topmost priority.No user information is sold by us to third parties for their own marketing.

    2. How we share your information

      Your information is shared by us as explained below,and in cases where a user has given his consent.

      1. Service providers

        the third party service providers who perform services for us can have a share of your information,including hosting providers,auditors,advicers,consultants,customer service,support providers as well as our associates in add services.

      2. Affiliates

        The subsidiaries and affiliates of Storybaaz can access the information collected from a user,because their use and disclosure of user data is within ther perview of our privacy policy.

      3. Legal requirement

        We are bound to disclose user information if law demands.

      4. Protection

        of rights to comply with legal process ,meet the claims asserted against us,prevent fraudulent,manage risks,investigate and protect our rights we may use informations.

      5. Anonymized data

        The information that belong to an un-identified fellow may be shared with third parties for the sake of research,marketing and other purposes,for an un named person wont be harmed.

      6. Cookies,pixels and tracking

        The information that belong to an un-identified fellow may be shared with third parties for the sake of research,marketing and other purposes,for an un named person wont be harmed.
        Cookies These small files having unique identifiers are transferred to the browser of a user through our website.they enables us to recall the logged in users, and how they negivate and use the Storybaaz platform.They also helps to display the personalized contents.To know more about this information one may go through our Cookie policy. How we protect your information

      7. How we protect your information

        we give special importance to the scrutiny of your data.Certain safeguards are implemented by Storybaaz for the protection of user information.Although,no website provides absolute security.You have to take one step forward for your personal safety,such as selecting a strong password and mentaining the privacy,as well as logging out every single time you log in your account.

      8. Amend your information

        this website allows you to update and rectify your account information at any time by logging in to your account.Besides,you are able to make changes in the settings and in your displayed information.The following section will clarify your doubts if any.

      9. Your choices

        To submit or decline certain information is your choice.You can restrict the types of communications and notifications sent by us and set a limitation for the information shared within the Storybaaz platform about you.Below we have illustrated some more information about some of your choices.

      10. Your content

        The stories,articles or poems that you post on this site can be edited or deleted at any time.And the same can be done by other users with specific permission.

      11. Restriction of access to your content

        The block user button in the user profile page is always at your service when you need to block other users.Blocked users would not be able to searcg,view your contents,For we respect the fact that whether or not to follow other users is subject to your choice.

      12. Delete

        or deactivate account Very consciously use the Delete your Account option in the privacy settings.Because,once you click this option,all your content will be erased from our site.We may not recover your content later,even if you change your mind.But if you choose to deactive your account,the revival option is there in contact page.

      13. Contact

        us If any question or curiosity bothers you about our policy practices,pls contact us through this [email protected]

      14. Changes to our privacy policy

        If any change follows our policies or procedures,it will be posted on this page.We will also try to provide reasonable notice for such changes through a prominent notice on this website or to your shared email address.