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What Is Venmo Limit Per Day and Weekly & How to Increase It?

Venmo, a popular peer-to-peer payment platform, has made financial transactions simpler, faster, and more convenient for millions of users. Whether it's splitting the bill at a restaurant, sending money to a friend, or making payments for services, Venmo has been the go-to choice for many. But like all digital platforms, Venmo comes with its own set of limitations. In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into the Venmo daily and weekly limits and provide actionable steps on how you can increase them.


Understanding the Basics of Venmo Limits

For security reasons, Venmo has imposed certain transaction limits on its users. These limits determine the amount of money you can send or receive in a given period.

Personal accounts: Initially, when you sign up, the Venmo sending limit is $299.99. However, after verification, it jumps to $4,999.99 per week for personal accounts. This includes a combined limit of $2,999.99 for payments that don’t involve a merchant, and a rolling limit of up to $4,999.99 for payments to authorized merchants.

Business accounts: If you’re using Venmo for business purposes, the limits can be considerably higher, depending on your business verification and other associated factors.


Factors Influencing Venmo Limits

While Venmo sets standard limits, several factors might influence these limits:

·       Account age: Older accounts, with a good transaction history, might be eligible for higher limits.

·       Verification status: Verified accounts usually have a higher transaction limit compared to unverified ones.

·       Account type: Business accounts typically have a higher limit compared to personal accounts.


Increasing Your Venmo Limit

Wondering how to amplify your Venmo transaction limits? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

·       Complete Your Profile: Ensure that all your personal details, such as your phone number, email, and bank account, are updated and verified.

·       Verify Your Identity: This is a crucial step. Venmo might ask for additional information like your Social Security Number (last four digits), zip code, and birth date. Providing these details can significantly raise your transaction limits.

·       Maintain a Healthy Transaction Record: Regular transactions without any issues can build trust. Over time, Venmo might consider raising your limits.

·       Contact Venmo Support: If you have a genuine need for higher limits, don’t hesitate to reach out to Venmo's customer support. They can guide you on the steps to be taken for the same.


Weekly Reset of Venmo Limits

It’s essential to note that the Venmo limit reset on a rolling seven-day period, not at the beginning of each calendar week. This means if you reach your limit on a Wednesday, it will reset the following Wednesday.


Safety First: Keeping Your Venmo Account Secure

While it’s great to have higher limits, always prioritize security. Enable two-factor authentication, use a strong password, and never share your account details with anyone. These best practices ensure that while you enjoy higher limits, your money remains safe.



Venmo, with its ease of use and convenience, has truly transformed the way we handle peer-to-peer transactions. While its limits are in place for security, understanding them and knowing how to increase them can help you make the most of this platform. As always, while striving for higher limits, never compromise on security. Happy transacting!

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