Rajan Bhalodia

Answer of life lies inside the person perception

Perception makes the attitude and attitude show in an action. In the life which makes us sometimes successful or sometimes failure.

LIFE THOUGHTS—- is as simple as a river but some time when we want the life-like an ocean. Then the trouble starts.

Too much expectation MAKES of all OUR worries.


Negative thoughts may go beyond the infinity, with respect to the deepness of an ocean, deepness of earth, deepness in the sky which may go up to infinity. But true life thoughts change the person life more towards positivity. The right thoughts make our life more easy and more practical. life is easy and simple, If your mind in pace with God whether it is your teacher, mother or father (these all are living God who works selfless way).

keep it up


Up and down in the living is necessary but lose the respect is like a body without a soul in it so respect is above all. Meaning of life is to search the soul and searching the soul actually searching the god who guides us in the right direction. God is a supreme, he does the things which is not visible. But it is good for people. The situation is worse. Time is difficult. But a ray of hope come and alive again so believe in yourself and god.

The faith and the mental piece is two-way to reach the mountain of happiness. Self-Interest self-image is a person’s perception. People may try to harm your interest. Love the things which you love and live the life which suits to you, feel like heaven. But your feet on the ground. Forget and forgive yourself about events in life. It is another shade of life. Life is full of surprises but your self-esteem is important. Thinking about the past is actually a waste of time.

self-esteem is important

Thinking about the future is endless because it may go beyond the infinity. Thinking about the present is prime important it is the truth of you. It is true on which your existence exists.Love the truth that all you have. Live in the present. Life is like a vacuum for someone. Life is like a plain paper. Life is what? The answer lies in the life itself. More you explore more you find the meaning of life. But you should live in the present moment which you have. This present moment makes your life beautiful unless until you stop too much thinking. Set the rules to yourself which you want in other.

But you should live in the present moment you have. Life is like a song in which music is given by events. Events are good or bad but it is your life i.e. you enjoy the song whatever the situation you have. Life move on not because of mind, not because of heart but it runs on the wheel of faith which gives you stamina. Stamina comes from the inner self and inner self is nothing it is exactly you which hide, under cover of the various problem which created by heart, mind. But you should live in the present moment which is yours.

faith which gives you stamina

Life is like a war. It is true. Where ambition covers your soul and you fly high in the sky but your soul does not exist. Life is like an emotion. It is true. Where you swim in a deep ocean of emotions and you become an emotional fool. But you should live in the present. The moment which is yours.

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