Viral Paun

Every step of yours should make a count

I was talking to one of my seniors, and she told me that she quits the job that she was placed in from the college campus and though she had a good enough salary. That thing kept me quite amused by something why do people not like to work for the job. The salary she was offered was pleasant enough, but it was the work and the culture she was not happy with. That thing was consuming all her time that she wanted some for her self and there she didn't get any self-development and self-satisfaction.

The work environment is all that matters for the employees to stay for an extended period in the company. The toxic work environment results from a failure of leadership, starting at the top of the organization and filtering down. A toxic culture can not be fixed with imposing vision and mission statements.

Now, what do you mean by the toxic work culture:

The culture where you do not get the self-development and where you can neither work as good as you are in a team or individually. Do not find the company where you are the best as you will have no growth there also, but at least find a job where your work and your position is valued. Earn respect. This remembers me movie Gully boy and its dialogue "Kam Kuch Bhi Karo, upon ko ijjat chahye".

The toxic environment of a company is lethal to growth, innovation and creativity. Disengaged employees. High turnover, poor customer relations and lower profits are examples of how wrong the culture of the company can also be impacted. S if you are stuck at such wrong place where you don't think you belong to, you can change the job. It's all to choose what is right and what is unsuitable for you.

Talking about myself, I am a computer engineer, and everyone thinks that these people are to develop new things, and I don't regret not being a developer. My interests are content writing, and blogging and digital marketing and I know that would be valued for that. So even though getting selected in a company as a developer, I refused the job and knew that my work would not appreciate there.

It's not always the wrong company and not ever the lousy boss. Sometimes it's the wrong choice that you make for yourself and your career. See that your choice is not toxic.

So start taking small steps on where you want to be, and you know that you deserve so much better than these toxic companies and you being stuck with your bad choices. Send out your resumes, take courses online, learn new skills and make sure to connect. Maybe you can also open your own business. Life is to short for anything and any choice. Make sure your presence and the work you do counts to yourself and for those you are working.

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