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Self reflection
Ryan Bullok

Self reflection

The amazing story of Narcissus of Greek Mythology

Narcissus, a young who bowed day by day adjacent to a lake to mull over his very own excellence. He was so entranced independent from anyone else that, one morning, he fell into the lake and suffocated. At the spot where he fell, a blossom was conceived, which was known as the narcissus. 

He said that when Narcissus kicked the bucket, the goddesses of the woods showed up and found the lake, which had been crisp water, changed into a pool of salty tears. 

"For what reason do you sob?" the goddesses inquired. 

"I sob for Narcissus," the lake answered. 

"Ok, it is nothing unexpected that you sob for Narcissus," they stated, "for however we constantly sought after him in the backwoods, only you could ponder his excellence close within reach." 

"Be that as it may, was Narcissus excellent?" the lake inquired. 

"Who superior to you to realize that?" the goddesses said in surprise. "All things considered, it was by your banks that he bowed every day to mull over himself!" 

The lake was quiet for quite a while. At long last, it stated: 

"I sob for Narcissus, yet I never seen that Narcissus was excellent. 

"I sob on the grounds that, each time he stooped alongside my banks, I could see, in the profundities of his eyes, my very own excellence reflected.

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