Pallavi Parihar

It's time to do !!

Life starts when we take a birth

The moments captured in earth 

Imagination & habit is doing more

Because creativity is prized much more.

Life laughs on your lurch 

It smiles on your vouch

Trust always before promises

Because it needs your other jerks.

Nobody knows all the things 

So don't spent much on Q/A

Because we have a limited time to 

Rectifying the shits on them .

Goodbyes comes when love in eyes

It never comes if it's in heart Why ? 

Because heart needs no separation

So keep it without all demands. Is it !

The pull off life transcends border

Don't threw life like a wrapper 

At the end when time came to

 Lick u can't get it . Yeah so !!

Get off the wrapper with high peak 

& Pick up the wrapper by yourself

Cheer& work on it because at the 

End nothing matters than work .

Work on the wrapper of the life !!

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